District Plan Variation 3 - Taiwawe Catchment Structure Plan

Submissions closed 28 August 2020.

Hot Water Beach (NZ) Ltd has made a written request for a variation to the Proposed District Plan. The request seeks to insert a new structure plan into Section 27 of the Proposed District Plan.

The new structure plan is for a site located at 790C Hot Water Beach Road, Hot Water Beach. See location plan below. The proposed structure plan will enable subdivision for 45 ‘rural-residential’ lots and dwellings on an existing rural lot at Hot Water Beach. The purpose of the structure plan “… is to provide for the development and use of the land for rural residential purposes within a conservation framework established for the enhancement and protection of the ecological values and biodiversity of the site.”

The proposed ‘Taiwawe Catchment Structure Plan’ contains rules for future subdivision and development of the site. The development will require restoration and protection of ecological values and indigenous biodiversity, landscaping of the site, restoration and enrichment planting for conservation purposes, with animal and plant pest control.

Location Map;


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Submissions were are open from 8am Friday 24 July 2020 to 5pm Friday 28 August 2020. Submissions have now closed. 

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