Dog Complaints

We take dog complaints very seriously, so if you want to make a complaint please contact us on 07 868 0200.


Typical complaints include:

  • Stray dogs seen wandering the streets
  • Notification regarding unregistered dogs
  • Dogs barking causing disturbances to neighbours
  • Dangerous dogs
  • Dogs being mistreated
  • Dogs not on leashes in public places or in prohibited or restricted areas (beaches etc)
  • Dogs getting into rubbish

Our Dog Control Officers

We provide Dog Control Officers to make sure dogs and people can live in harmony and most of the time they do.

Officers attend to complaints and also carry out regular patrols. You can also call us24/7 on 07 868 0200.

Survey for unregistered dogs

Twice a year our officers may carry out random property inspections to check if dog owners have registered their dogs.

Education and Advice

Our dog control officers also provide education and advice, from teaching school children how to be safe around dogs, advising meter readers on how to enter a property safely, or to individuals on better control and enjoyment of their dog.

Liaison with Welfare Agencies

A strong relationship is maintained with the SPCA. and Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) so ALL stock and dogs enjoy a safe and happy life.

Information on - 

  • Designated dog exercise areas is on our Dog Rules page,
  • Dog/owner education or other dog control information phone us on 07 868 0200

The Pound and adoptions

We have dog impoundment facilities where lost, stray and abandoned dogs are kept. Dogs are kept for a minimum of seven days. Registered dogs wearing their tag can be reunited with their owner quickly, sometimes without the need for the dog to go to the pound. This saves money and stress for the owner, the dog and for us!

Dogs are always temperment-tested so that suitable dogs are available for adoption. We work with the SPCA and other recognised adoption agencies to ensure happy placements.