Event Organising Party

Get the right team together and you can achieve just about anything! Find out about establishing an event organising party.

Some events may not need individuals for each of the jobs below, but here's a guide of what each will do;

Event Organiser/Manager

Planning, organising, resources, financial management, contacting TCDC, Destination Coromandel and Police early in the process and keeping us in the loop.

Event Safety Manager/Committee

Health and Safety, water supply, food management, public safety management, public health, evacuation scheme, and alcohol management plan.

Marketing and Promotions Manager

Promotions and PR, advertising, media releases, website listings, media liaison and relationships, signage, posters etc.

Legal Manager

Permits, consents, insurance, finance, contracts, other legal requirements

Logistics Manager

Traffic management, site management (marquees, fencing, stage, sound, lighting etc), security management, waste (toilets, rubbish etc), staff provisions, other logistics e.g. entertainers.

Emergency Services & other key agencies

You should liaise with local council for noise control, road closure and impact on council services e.g. additional water use, public toilets, litter. Police, First Aid, i-SITE/information centre, Destination Coromandel and private companies such as local bus company or taxi company, medical centre and local ratepayer/business associations.


Approach the Police as soon as practicably possible before the event to allow for extra resources if necessary. For large events, contact is usually five months prior.

Security plans and staff

Security plays a major part in the success of an event and is a component of our Event Application form. Security guards are guided by the Private Investigators and Security Guards Act 1974, and anyone calling themself a security guard must hold a current Certificate of Approval and be employed by a registered security company.