Tips for getting started on your event

Here's some tips to help you plan your Coromandel event. For more comprehensive information about event planning, please download "The Guide to Event Planning on the Coromandel" from this page.

Location and venues

See what indoor facilities are available to hire from us on our this page.

View the reserves we have in our District and information on obtaining concessions for use of these on our Parks and Reserves webpage. Have you considered community halls? These are operated privately but we can help you with a list of contact details if you want to make an enquiry.

Site Check

It always pays to visit the location where you are planning to host your event to see for yourself if it matches your requirement

Example of a site plan 

Example of a site plan (click to expand). 

Plan and book ahead

The Coromandel currently hosts in excess of  300 events in a year – most of which are held in summer. Some days there will be multiple events on the same reserve so make sure you plan ahead and book your event early. You should allow a minimum of 3 months to lodge your application with the Council.

Obtain the relevant permit

There is potential for heartbreak if you don’t book and follow the process. You may need a resource consent for your event or a building permit if you’re erecting a structure like a stage or marquee/gazebo bigger than 100 sq m, a licence if there is alcohol involved and there are a host of other considerations like noise control, waste produced, health and safety and food licensing. That’s why it pays to talk to us early.

Read the fine print

There are conditions spelt out clearly on your permit. Failing to read, understand and adhere to those conditions is a recipe for potential disaster.

Involve the Police from the outset for any size events with alcohol or crowds of 1000 or more

If more than 1000 people are expected it’s also advisable to contact our District Events Coordinator, Kirstin Richmond on 07 867 2074.

Fees and Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is required for all events with more than 500 people and commercial events. There may also be a bond and fees payable.

Keep it green

Events can generate a lot of extra rubbish and have other negative impacts on the environment. As a minimum you should recycle any waste that you can and be sure that our precious water isn’t wasted – especially in summer when there are restrictions in place. If you are running a large event consider contacting professionals to manage all your recycling, site clean-up and toilets. Toilet waste must be properly managed and if you are using portaloos these should be marked out on your Site Plan.

Going private

Rules still apply for events held on private land. Talk to us for more information.