Rating Revaluations

The 2017 Rating Revaluation for our District has been used to calculate your rates for the 2019/20 rating year.

Rating values reflect the value of property (excluding the chattels) and are prepared on behalf of TCDC by Quotable Value (QV).

A process called “mass-appraisal” is used to calculate them - a methodology used all over the world.

Here is what you may like to know:

Basically, rating valuers consider relevant property sales from your area around the time of the valuation. A market trend is established and applied to similar properties. The mass-appraisal process is supported with a proportion of valuation assessments of individual properties every year as a result of building consents which were issued, subdivisions, sales inspections, objections and ratepayer requests to update Rating Values.

The process for calculating Rating Values is then independently audited by the Office of the Valuer General, which is a Government department. Stringent quality standards need to be met before a revaluation is confirmed.

The calculation of rating values and how they impact on rates is complex. It varies between council regions but our Council is always available to discuss any questions or concerns with ratepayers.

A general revaluation was undertaken during the 2017/18 rating year and the new values used to calculate rates for the 2019/20 rating year. The next general revaluation will be undertaken during the 2020/2021 rating year.

Quotable Value - Council information

QV have some very useful information on their website about the revaluation process for Council rates.

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Need more information?

For all revaluation queries please contact QV on toll free 0800 787 284 or visit ratingobjection.qv.co.nz