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Skate park updates, Christmas preparations - Council weekly projects update

11 December 2020

Welcome to the weekly wrap-up of our latest Council project news, important dates and information about what's happening in our District - all now in one easy-to-read email, sent every Friday.

This week:

  • Everything you need to know this summer
  • Join us for the official opening of the Coromandel Bike Park
  • Other work happening in your neighbourhood
  • Remember, every drop counts
  • Water tank stolen from Waikawau boat ramp toilets
  • Have your say on our Freedom Camping Bylaw review
  • Additional capacity and connectivity over holiday season
  • Upcoming Council meetings
  • Outdoor dining and outdoor displays
  • Statutory timeframes for processing applications closing soon
  • Our Council road and resealing work continues
  • What's on in the Coromandel?

Everything you need to know this summer

Christmas is just around the corner – along with the summer holidays. So if you’re visiting the Coromandel we have put everything you need to know about dogs on beaches, our Council office hours, fire and alcohol bans all on the one page. So click here to read everything you need to know about our services over summer.

Join us for the official opening of the Coromandel Bike Park 

(Pictured above - pump track.)

Our Council is a proud supporter of the new Coromandel Town bike park, which has its official opening next Sunday at Hauraki Rd.

The bike park consists of a pump track with descent and gravity trails, which has been constructed by GravityPro.

Exciting guests at next week’s opening are professional BMX riders Jayden Fleming and Bennet Greenough, who will be there doing a demonstration from 2:30pm.

Please bring your bikes, mountain / ebikes, making sure they are cleaned if you are coming from anywhere near kauri dieback areas. You’ll also need helmets, water and water bottles and a sense of fun.

There will be a sausage sizzle to help raise funds - or if you want to make a donation – all of this will help fund further development. Offers of help are also gratefully accepted - this bike park has been 10 years in the making and by the Spirit of Coromandel Trust, and has come to fruition thanks to many volunteer hours, local contractors and funding from organisations including our Council.

To follow the progress of the bike park follow their Facebook page at

Other work happening in your neighbourhood

Mercury Bay skate park - We’re pushing very hard to complete the skate park ahead of Christmas - but it may be likely that the basketball court isn’t ready, as one of the concrete pours has not met our standards and has been removed. It’s scheduled to be re-poured this week which will have an impact on the construction programme.

We’re planning to decommission the old mini half-pipe next week, which could help provide temporary parking in this area. We’re also working with the Hahei community to relocate the old mini half-pipe there.

On a down note, unfortunately last weekend there was some minor tagging to the new skate park. We’re seeing more and more attempts to enter the unfinished park by young people after hours. As the holidays are upon us, please remind our youth that the park is unfinished, and is still a construction zone that’s unsafe for the public to enter at any time. Our workers are doing their best to complete the park ahead of Christmas.

This is a community project that a lot of local time and resources have gone into and it would be very disappointing to have a few people jeopardise the completion by having an accident, being caught in the worksite or defacing the park, before completion. There are security cameras in place.

Mayor Sandra is officially opening the Whitianga Skatepark at 9am on Saturday 9 January 2021. Following the opening there will be the inaugural Coro Scooter Jam, an Ethic-DTC sponsored event.

This is a family friendly event for all ages. To register for the event see

Tekoteko Memorial Reserve - The tekoteko (pictured) out the front of the Coromandel Town service centre have had a makeover to freshen up their look.

Porritt Park - Porritt Park Playground, on Queen Street, Thames (pictured), will be closed for most of Wednesday 16 December the so new soft-fall (safety surfacing) can be added to underneath the play equipment prior to the busy summer season.

The surfacing top-up is necessary to reduce the impact and chance of injury. A number of other playgrounds along the Thames Coast area are scheduled for maintenance in late January as well.

The soft-fall product is made from certified, non-tanalised freight pallets. Unfortunately due to changes in global shipping with COVID-19 there has been a general shortage of product available around New Zealand.

Flaxmill Bay groynes - The project to install three groynes (15m-30m length) as a five-year trial at Flaxmill Bay to mitigate erosion of the dunes and assist with building up a high tide beach has succesfully be completed one week ahead of schedule. 

  • This project involved filling 80 geotextile bags with 2.5m3 of sand each from a pre-selected area below high tide, where the sand was previously washing to and accumulating.
  • 2.8m3 of sand was used to fill the bags and cover the constructed groynes to form a 15m wide high tide beach.
  • The newly constructed high tide beach will take some time to ‘settle in’ and regulate itself with the coastal processes within the bay, and this may mean some of the sand will be lost from the new beach and redistributed around the bay. However, once the beach has found an equilibrium, or regular position in relation to the water level, then it would be expected to stay the same (or build up) shape and height over the longer-term.
  • Sand push-ups will be required at times during the five-year trial period to maintain the cover over the groynes.
  • By the end of the trial period it will be determined if the groynes will remain permanently in place.
  • The budget for the construction phase was approximately $200,000.
  • This project has been hugely supported by the Mercury Bay Community Board who have worked with the community to make this happen.
  • We would like to thank our contractors Land+Sea Civil Ltd and the public for their patience and understanding during the construction. For more information visit

We want to know what you think of the proposed hoggin path walkway in Pauanui

  • Do you want to continue to restore and enhance the resilience of Pauanui Beach dunes to protect against coastal erosion?
  • Do you want access for all members of the public across the reserve?
  • Do you like the proposed hoggin path design in line with the path created at the surf club?
  • What pathway position option (a or b, or other) do you like best?

If other, please describe and explain why, and any other comments.

You can view the proposed plan and complete a short survey at path from 5pm Friday 11 December – Friday 8 January 2021.

Pauanui Water Treatment Plant - The Pauanui Water Treatment Plant on Hikuai-Settelment Rd was officially opened this week. This is the third new water treatment plant to be upgraded, marking an important milestone in our drinking water standards project - Tautiaki Wai Māori. See our website for more information and updates on other areas.

Pictured above - Warwick Brooks - Tairua-Pauanui Community Board Chair, Barry Swindles - Tairua-Pauanui Community Board member, Councillor Terry Walker and Eileen Hopping Area Manager – South Eastern)

Footbridge on Whitianga Esplanade

The existing footbridge has been removed and we will install the new bridge on Monday 14 December. We expect this will be completed by Thursday 17 December.

The Esplanade road between Monk Street and Victoria Street will be closed to vehicles on Monday 14 December with a detour in place on Monk Street, Albert Street, and Blacksmith Lane.

Pedestrians will be required to use the footbridge upstream of the construction site while the road closure is in place, however it is currently open to one-way traffic (northbound only) until Saturday 13 December. A temporary pedestrian footpath along the Esplanade is in place.

We appreciate everyone's patience during this time.

Remember, every drop counts

Coromandel Town and the rest of our District is currently on a Level 2 - Conserve water restriction. Residents are asked to keep using water carefully to ensure our supply continues.

A reminder that Thames Valley has a permanent total watering ban in place.

The issues that have been experienced with our water supplies result from a huge increase in demand for water from our peak visitor population, exacerbated by hot, dry weather, which means our river and stream levels dramatically decrease.

As our stream levels drop, the volume of water we can take from some of these sources is also reduced to ensure we do not breach our resource consent conditions.

We're working with communities that have private supplies that maybe vulnerable due to increased demand over the summer peak period. Hahei Water Supply Association are indicating that if they may have to impose a total watering ban for their consumers from mid-December if the demand remains high.

"Water is a precious commodity and we’re trying to raise awareness now about demand and supply, and managing this over the peak summer period,” says our Council’s Communications and Economic Development Group Manager Laurna White. “Hahei is a classic example where water demand can be higher than what can be supplied from bores. This means without implementing conservation measures our reservoir levels will drop fairly rapidly.”

See our website for more information

Water tank stolen from Waikawau boat ramp toilets

The 10,000L water tank at the public toilets at the Waikawau boat ramp reserve on the Thames Coast was stolen this week.
"We’ve reported this theft to the police, and hope that anyone with information or who saw anything will either contact police or our us on 07 868 0200,” says our Council’s Parks and Facilities Officer Jane Wright.

“This is a theft not so much from Council but from the community which uses this reserve and from ratepayers, who ultimately bear the cost,” says Ms Wright.

The tank was stolen overnight on 7-8 December.

The wa tank is used to store water from a bore and from rooftop rainwater to flush the toilets and for people to wash their hands. The water is pumped from the large tank to the holding tank on the roof so it can be supplied to the facility under pressure. The theft of the tank means portaloos may have to be sourced to meet the needs of the reserve and boat ramp users. This, plus the cost of replacing the tank, will put further strains on our Council budgets.

A replacement tank will take time to source as demand for these across the country is very high right now. It costs approximately $5,000 to replace and install.

Have your say on our Freedom Camping Bylaw review

Our Freedom Camping Bylaw is being reviewed and we want your thoughts about a few changes we’re proposing to some of the current sites and the addition of one new site.

Our consultation is starts today and runs  to Tuesday 2 February 2021.

To read the full proposals and to have your say online, go to Or, pick up a submission form from one of our Council service centres.

Or for more information click here.

Additional capacity and connectivity over holiday season

Spark is putting in extra effort to increase connectivity (coverage and capacity) across the Coromandel area over the holiday period.

They will be placing a temporary facility in the Tairua area (as in previous years). This site will support in the influx of holiday makers as well as providing additional support and greater connectivity to Pauanui. They are also installing additional and temporary infrastructure in areas of Whangamata (again as they have done previously).

Installation is expected to start next week with the facilities remaining in situ until after the holiday season.

The sites are 3G and 4G sites and will assist with the additional demand placed on an already overloaded network.

They have also completed an aggressive network upgrade programme across Sparks infrastructure in the Coromandel region in an effort to manage the ever increasing demand on services.




Upcoming Council meetings

  • Special Council meeting, 1pm, Tuesday 15 December, Thames Council Chambers, 515 Mackay St.

Copies of agendas, reports and minutes are available on this page or at Council offices, two days before the meeting.

Members of the public and media are welcome to attend the public part of the meeting. If there is a report you wish to speak to, you may do so in the public forum of the meeting. See our website here for more information on how to register.

Outdoor dining and outdoor displays

Displays outside shops and enjoying a meal or a drink outside a restaurant is a great use of our footpaths, and adds to the diversity and vibrancy of our district.

It is important to maintain the balance between functionality and public accessibility and safety. We aimed to achieve this by the establishment of our Activities in Public Places Bylaw 2017 -Te Ture a-Rohe ki nga Wahi Marea, which states any outdoor dining and/or displaying of goods requires a licence.

If you wish to display goods outside or offer outdoor dining please visit our website here to download an application form. If you have already engaged our Council but do not hold a current licence, you will receive either a letter or phone call from us in order to restart the licensing process.

While there is a $100 application fee, we would like to offer our businesses a waiver of the lease fee ($20 per sqm).

If you have any questions or wish to know more please contact our customer service team at or on 07 868 0200.

Statutory timeframes

Statutory timeframes for processing applications for consents, Land Information Memoranda (LIMs) and alcohol licences pause from 20 December to early January. Make sure you get your application in on good time to have it processed before the Christmas holiday. See the relevant section of our website for the deadlines and more information.

Our Council road and resealing work continues

The road and resealing work on our Council roads across the district continues this weekend and next week. Please remember to park off the road on the scheduled day so work can proceed.

As this work is dependent on weather, we're updating our website and Facebook page daily, also listen to the local radio stations.

You can view a summary of other scheduled weekly roading activities in our district on our website -

What's on in the Coromandel?

It's certainly a busy time of year for events around the Coromandel. One of the new events listed this week is the "Coro Scooter Jam", which will be held in Whitianga, Whangamatā and Thames.  A first of it's kind, this event is a fun family friendly scooter competition event sponsored by Ethic-DTC. The Whitianga event will see the 'Official Opening' of the new Whitanga Skatepark. 

Click here to see what other events are coming up for summer.