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Illegal dumping adds to everyone’s costs

18 November 2020

Handling rubbish, including recyclable items, illegally dumped at the gates of our Refuse Transfer Stations (RTS) outside of hours, incurs a cost for all our district ratepayers that contributes to driving up the annual rates bill.

Fly tipping at Tairua RTS Nov 2020

In addition, this action portrays a very poor visual image of our beautiful district, and is something that none of us would be particularly proud of.

The latest example is at Tairua RTS, where both domestic and commercial waste was dumped at the gate earlier this month, while the facility was closed, as these pictures, above and below, illustrate.

“The irony is that the Tairua RTS has facilities to drop off domestic quantities of rubbish (in pre-paid Council bags) and recycling after hours, so there’s no reason for this kind of behaviour,” says Mo Imtiaz, our Council’s Infrastructure Manager.

“Businesses disposing of large quantities of waste, even recyclables, should do so during operating hours. We have seven RTSs in our district – we are very well served in terms of handling solid waste,” Mr Imtiaz says.

“Collecting and disposing of illegally dumped waste is not included in our contract with our solid waste operator. Council is charged to collect and dispose of this waste, and that means ratepayers foot the bill in the end,” says Mr Imtiaz. “On occasions like this one, it means our Council has to pay extra to remove the rubbish, even though it’s just outside the RTS.”

“In the past, our Council has examined illegally-tipped rubbish to identify the dumpers. If this dumping continues, our Council will have no option but to collect evidence from the waste and CCTV footage with a view to prosecuting those responsible,” Mr Imtiaz says. "However, our Council would prefer if everyone cooperated to keep our district tidy."

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If you care about the Coromandel and want to help preserve our beautiful environment  – dob in a dumper. Give us a call on 07 868 0200 or email with any evidence you can gather, such as photos.

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Car with rubbish and recycling

Illegal dumping is among the many reasons the operational cost of our solid waste activity is increasing.

We're looking at how we deliver this service right now as part of our preparations for the 2021-2031 Long Term Plan.

To help guide those preparations, please take this short survey on some of our core Council activities - on our website at It includes a section asking about how Kerbside collections and our network of RTSs could be changed.

More pictures of dumping at Refuse Transfer Stations:

Tairua RTS dumping

Rubbish dumped at RTS gate

Rubbish at RTS gate