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Join us next week to learn more about the Te Ariki Tahi/Sugarloaf Wharf Development - Coromandel-Colville Community Board meeting highlights

11 November 2020

The Coromandel-Colville Community Board met this week.

Check out the highlights from the meeting below or you can view the full agenda here or view the video of the meeting here. 

In the public forum:

  • Two residents asked the Community Board to seek Council approval to retain and manage a gate at Wood Road South, to help with the safety and conservation for native kiwi. This item was considered by the Board under item 4.1.
  • A resident from Coromandel Town commended the Board on the roading and street furniture and landscaping works that were recently completed. (Watch the video of the works further down in this release) The resident also suggested some further improvements including:
  1. The corner of Woollams Ave and Kapanga Road (both corners) sight distance and the difficulty with viewing oncoming traffic.
  2. The single car park outside the Bizarre shop, which is located on the slight bend, cars are angled slightly into the live traffic lane.
  3. Better signage on the approach to town from the North and the South for campervan parking.

In the meeting: 

2.1 Coromandel 200 Funding Report


The Board approved the request for part reallocation of funding given from the Coromandel 200 working group to be used for outstanding costs of entertainment and extra lighting for the Illume Festival.

The Coromandel 200 group was formed in 2018 to look at how the community could celebrate/commemorate the 200th anniversary of the anchoring of the British Naval Ship HMS Coromandel in June 1820. As planning progressed, it was agreed that it would be sensible to combine this event with the bi-annual Illume Festival.

Click the heading to read the report. 

3.1 Leases and Licences to Occupy Policy Review

The terms in our Leases and Licences to Occupy Policy have been clarified to make it easier for people to understand. The review has included comparing our Policy with other local authorities’ community leasing policies so there’s comparability across the sector. It now also aligns with our Rates Remission and Rates Postponement Polices, also currently under review.

Some changes proposed in the Leases Policy:

  • Adding a new ‘purpose’ section to clearly identify the purpose of the Policy, and align it to Council's current policy template
  • Adding new definitions of such terms as ‘Community Organisation’ and Commercial or Private Organisation’ to assist with differentiating between these two categories of organisations
  • Adding new criteria to provide clarity about requirements for eligibility for the Community Organisations category (Category B) for rental
  • Adding reference to identify the need to consider the provisions of the Thames-Coromandel District Plan and the Reserves Act 1977
  • Editorial changes for consistent language and removing irrelevant and outdated background information.

The Board has endorsed the draft.

4.1 Fence Encroachment - Woods Road, Waitete Bay Colville

Our roading team shared the issues and options regarding the installation and locking of a gate on Woods Road South (location pictured above), Waitete Bay, which has not had Council approval.

Staff explained blocking public access on a public road is illegal. The Board recommends Council retrospectively approve a fence encroachment permit, when it receives this in writing from Woods South Road residents. The fence encroachment permit will mean the residents can keep the fence there but are unable to lock it. 

Click the heading to read the report. 

4.2 Coromandel-Colville Community Board Work Programme 2020/2021

Click here to view the full programme. 

Highlights to note: 

Ride Coromandel Bike Park - The pump track situated at at 525 Hauraki Road is nearing completion (see picture above). The asphalt needs to set firmly before anyone can ride on it and improves longevity. 

The building consent for the workshop and storage shed has been lodged. Construction for this is expected to begin in November. Meanwhile, construction on the car park has started and is scheduled to be gravelled by end of November.

Jacks Point Boat Ramp - The western retaining wall is being repaired and replaced. It is scheduled to be completed by end of December 2020.

Shoreline Management Plans - The Coromandel-Colville Coastal Panel has had its first meeting, along with site visits around the area.

(Pictured above: A site visit by the coastal panel for Coromandel Town Coast to Kennedy Bay)

The first meeting was an initial orientation workshop, where coastal panellists came together as they start working as advisors on our Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) project, which is all about helping our communities and coasts adapt to hazards Read more here.

Proposed Ariki Tahi Sugarloaf Wharf Development - Ariki Tahi Sugarloaf Wharf Limited (a company comprising Coromandel Marine Farmers Association, our Council, and the Ministry of Business and Innovation and Employment (MBIE),  to redevelop Ariki Tahi/Sugarloaf Wharf to provide separate commercial, and recreational activities.

Everyone is invited to two open day sessions to talk to the project team  about the project and the detailed design (see image above).

  • Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 November, 2pm – 8pm in our Coromandel Office, 355 Kapanga Road.

If you are unable to attend the open days and would like to find out further information about the project, please contact Nicky Sedgley at Mitchell Daysh, 021 246 0330 or

Coromandel Hall and roading improvements

This video captures the recent improvements in Coromandel Town. The two major projects were the Coromandel main road upgrade and the Coromandel Citizens Hall.

Thanks to everyone involved in making these projects a success. The video was produced by local Floyd Johnston. Check out his work here.

Click here to watch it. 

Colville Stranding Debrief at Colville Hall 

This is a chance for the all the volunteers that helped with the whale stranding in Colville last month to share their experience of the day and help contribute to building a community plan for similar events in the future.

Everyone is welcome to attend to share your ideas. Nick Kelly from Department of Conservation (DOC) would also like to discuss a training day with the community in the summer. Please RSVP by 14 November to