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New Community Hub coming to Coromandel Town - Coromandel-Colville Ward Community Board meeting highlights

24 February 2021

The preliminary drawings for a community hub for Coromandel Town have been approved by the Community Board this week, along with a new sign to welcome visitors to the town.

“We’ve recently had the main street of Coromandel Town improved, along with street furniture and fittings so having these two new projects on the go is just another exciting time for our ward,” says Deputy Community Board Chair Jan Autumn.

Read the meeting agenda, or listen to the recording of the meeting here

In the public forum 

Two residents attended the public forum to thank the Community Board and Council staff for their support of making its communities aware of the bylaw that’s in place to ensure that pest leg hold traps are set safely on all public land. You can read more on our website.

Members of the public are welcome to attend the public part of all the Board meetings. If there’s a report you wish to speak to, or item you would like to raise, register with us so we can schedule you for the public forum of the meeting. See our website here for more information on how to register.

Discretionary Fund Request - 'Welcome to Coromandel' Sign and Pedestrian Give Way Signage

(Photo: the sign to go on the crossing adjacent to the Hauraki House Reserve)

The Coromandel 200 working group has commissioned a replacement welcome sign for the southern entrance to Coromandel Town.

Since the current sign was created it has became clear that the community is very supportive of the original name for the town area, Kapanga, being included in the sign.

It was also noted that the 'courtesy crossing' on Kapanga Road creates some confusion over whether pedestrians or cars should give way. As the threshold crossings aren’t official pedestrian crossings, the responsibility falls on pedestrians to give way to cars.

That’s why the Board has now approved "Pedestrians Give Way to Traffic" signs at both ends of the threshold crossing on Kapanga Road, with the cost of $1800 to come out of its discretionary budget. The cost of $675 to change the welcome sign comes out of the same budget.

Read the report here

Community Hub - Proposed Development Plans

(Pictured above - proposed design of the Community Hub)

An office space, a meeting room, bathrooms, a laundry, food bank, physio, kitchen, and a hot desk room are in the preliminary designs, that have been approved by the Board, for a community hub in Pound St, Coromandel Town.

Council approved the sale of 150 Pound Street to the Coromandel Independent Living Trust (CILT) in December 2018 and signed a Deed of Grant in September 2019. As a condition of the sale, Council required CILT to submit the proposed design of the community hub building for approval prior to any application for building consent.

CILT has advised that funding of $2.1million (86 per cent of the total budget) has been secured to date allowing them to progress to the preliminary drawing stage. CILT hope to commence construction in May 2021.

Read the proposed development plan report here, you can also view the proposed plans

Leg-hold Traps

Leg-hold traps (pictured right) have been found on Council-managed land at McGregor Bay wetland, which are not set at the recommended standard (elevated). This issue was brought to the attention of the Board by the McGregor Bay Wetland Society.

The issue is already covered by the existing Activities in Public Places Bylaw 2017.  

You can read the report that was presented to the Community Board here

You can read more about leg-hold traps and pest management on Council land on our website

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Coromandel-Colville Community Board Work Programme 

The Board was updated on the progress of projects in the Coromandel-Colville Ward. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Widening of Te Kouma Road intersection - Site investigation is complete and preliminary design is underway.
  • Jacks Point boat ramp - Works to make the boat ramp safe are progressing. Design and consenting have started.
  • Ride Coromandel Bike Park - The concrete wash down area will be poured during the first week of March, along with the storm water/drainage areas and kauri dieback wash stations. DOC will be installing its own wash stations, signage and guidance gates later in March. The pump track was finished at the end of last year and the car park has also now been completed. Read more about the Bike Park here

You can view the entire work programme here

(Photo: Coromandel pump track)

Members' Reports

The following Coromandel-Colville Community Board Members and Councillor reported:

Jan Autumn, Deputy Chair, has received positive feedback from residents and visitors about the new layout of the town, expressing their feelings that the character of the town hasn’t changed but has been enhanced. 

Kim Brett met with the Hauraki House Management Committee who did a maintenance assessment of the building and provided a full report to our Council’s property staff.

Councillor John Morrissey provided an update on the Te Ariki Tahi/Sugarloaf Wharf project saying progress was on track. He also provided an update on our first Council meeting for 2021.