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New Year’s Eve event options proposed at the Whangamatā Community Board meeting

31 March 2021

Options around what can be done to entertain local youth and reduce disruptive behaviour at Williamson Park on New Year's Eve was discussed by the Whangamatā Community Board at its meeting this week.

You can also read the agenda for the meeting, or watch the recording.

Two possible options are being investigated for Williamson Park for 29-31 December 2021. 

They are: 

Option 1 - Provide basic security for the three days, 29-31 December.  

Option 2 - Have a professional event organiser successfully operate an event in Williamson Park. The following requirements, and associated costs, would need to be considered (with attendee numbers of approximately 5000 people). Requirements to be considered include:  

  • Rubbish collection
  • Staging 
  • Traffic management
  • Portable toilets 
  • Security 
  • St John Ambulance

“Council staff are happy to work with event organisers keen to host an event in Williamson Park,” says Kirstin Richmond, our District Events Coordinator. 

Feedback and data from Police and emergency services shows that the numbers of arrests at Williamson Park have remained fairly low and so are those for serious assault incidents over the past three years.

The Community Board have agreed for Ms Richmond to seek Expressions of Interest to see if there are any event organisers that are willing to host an event in Williamson Park this year. This will be advertised in the next few weeks. 

Read the report here

Vandalism cost in Whangamatā last New Year’s Eve 

On 31 December 2020 there were a series of events that damaged property in and around Williamson Park. Other sites in Whangamatā were also affected including Port Road, Ocean Road, The Esplanade, Achilles Avenue, Lowe Street and Island View.

  • The Roading team recorded 18 signs damaged or stolen which cost $3059.
  • The removal of debris (broken bottles etc) from the road accounted for another $4895.
  • The toilets at Williamson Park were also damaged. The damage included broken toilet seats, doors and door frames. Toilets were blocked sometimes with a mixture of material including broken glass which required extra care during unblocking operations. Two additional hours for two staff were required for the cleaning on New Year’s Day.

Council’s Parks and Reserves contractor also incurred costs, in addition to the above, associated with the clean-up and repair activities due to the vandalism and damage.

“We need to go back to strong alcohol ban messaging and Police presence,” says Brian Taylor, our Council’s Regulatory Services Manager.

Read the entire report on the New Year’s Eve vandalism here

In the public forum:

A Whangamatā resident, on behalf of the local pickleball group, spoke about the cost of the use of the Whangamatā hall. 

A Whangamatā Ratepayers' Association spokesperson shared that they have a newly formed committee and have held their first meeting of the year. They intend to make a submission on our Council’s Long Term Plan (LTP).

A Whangamatā resident presented an idea on what could be done at Williamson Park on New Year’s Eve to keep local youth entertained to minimise issues.

Whangamatā Community Board Draft 2021-31 Long Term Plan Submission

(Above: Our Council's land at 101 Lindsay Road, Whangamatā)

The Board has drafted their submission for our Council’s 2021-2031 draft LTP. Submission on our LTP is open now until Monday 12 April. To have your say, visit our website The Board is in support of the ‘no frills-must do’ budget but would like to see some of the ‘nice to have’ projects included.

Our Council owns the site at 101 Lindsay Road, Whangamatā, and is considering selling it, which would provide our Council with up to $3 million from any sale. The Whangamatā Community Board is submitting in favour of option three – retaining the land and investigating possible community uses. With this submission, the Board requests that the Whangamatā Community Marae Trust be given five years to raise the external funding required to construct a community hub including a community marae and other initiatives.

The Board is also in support of providing a one-off grant of $333,000 to the Whangamatā Community Swimming Pool Inc, providing two-thirds of the cost of necessary improvements conditional to the community first raising the final $167,000 third.

The Board is also proposing the inclusion of a number of projects to the ‘must do’ list for the 2021/22 year. This includes CCTV cameras, footpath construction, streetlight improvements, Island View car park upgrade, a toilet at Beach Road, Moana Anu Anu Harbour walkway and other minor reserve projects. These would add a total cost of $784,000, increasing local rates by an average $16.60 per rating unit.

Read our Council’s draft Long Term Plan 2021-2031 consultation document.

Find out more, and make a submission, on our website.

Whangamatā Community Work Programme Report 2020/21 

(Above: Concept plan for Whangamatā Boardwalk)

• The Whangamatā Boardwalk project. The detailed designed has been completed and an application for Heritage Authority has been submitted. Department of Conservation (DOC) are currently consulting on the continuation of the boardwalk project.
• A 20m floating jetty for boats at the wharf to tie up to was discussed.
• The flying fox at Island View Park has been replaced.
• Streetlight renewals are on track to replace old concrete poles. This is ongoing.

Click here to view the entire work programme. 

Whangamatā Traffic Control Bylaw Amendment 

(Above: Design plan for the proposed changes at Hilton Drive)

There has been a change requested to the Traffic Control Bylaw for a give way sign and associated line marking installed on the Hilton Drive intersection, turning onto The Drive.

The Board is recommending to Council that the Traffic Control Bylaw is amended to include this change at Hilton Drive. 

Read the report here. 

Action Schedule for the Whangamatā Community Board 

In the action schedule, the Board members asked about an accessible platform at Williamson Park. Our Council’s project team will bring a report to the Community Board at the next meeting. 

There was a discussion about a potential Resource Recovery Centre in Whangamatā, similar to what was established in Thames; The Seagull Centre. A meeting with staff and Councillor Terry Walker was held to discuss the potential site. The use of Council land for the proposed centre and the terms of the lease would need to be formally signed off by Council.

Members' Reports

Kay Baker has been receiving calls in favour of a public bus proposal. She talked about potential changes to the caravan dump station where you can drive up to a pit and dump your grey water with minimal spillage with a new location to be determined. 

Councillor Terry Walker updated the Board on the synthetic green at the bowling club, which was opened yesterday, the biggest investment yet by the bowling club. He plans to continue encouraging the public to read our Council’s Long Term Plan consultation document and make a submission.

Ken Coulam, Board Chair, congratulated the community on the success of Repco Beach Hop this year. He wanted to bring to the Board’s attention DOC’’s request for submission on the Whangamatā Boardwalk and has asked if the Board will draft a submission in support of the project.

Councillor Gary Gotlieb has been talking to people about the future of 101 Lindsay Road.

Tamzin Letele also received phone calls about a proposed public transport system, which is being led by a Waikato Regional Councillor. She asked for a follow up on Opoutere signage and Council's Social Wellbeing Strategy.

Dave Ryan received numerous calls and emails about a proposed public transport system, which is being led by a Waikato Regional Councillor.  He attended the Onemana ratepayers meeting; they thanked the Council for the reimbursement of tennis court repairs.