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The Tairua-Pauanui Community Board take a look at concept designs for Tairua's skate facility and Pauanui's hoggin path walkway

03 November 2020

The Tairua-Pauanui Community Board met at the Pauanui Community Hub yesterday.

You can listen to the meeting here.

Check out the highlights from the meeting below or you can view the full agenda here.

In the public forum, three members of the community spoke:

1. Bill Cooksley, Thames–Coromandel District Coordinator for Sport Waikato, presented their profiles which look at participation levels and preferences of rangatahi and children through play, active recreation and sport in the Waikato for the Board to consider with the Tairua skate facility project which shows there is a steep decline in participation between the ages of 12–17 years:

In summary, children need:

  • Time, space, and permission to play
  • Unstructured play beyond organised competition
  • To play on their own terms and in own time

Sport Waikato agreed a skate park beside an open field space is a great opportunity for overcoming barriers for youth in participation and said there is a lot of research that shows skate parks don’t encourage antisocial behaviour, it gives young people something to do in a designated area and quoted - “If your town doesn’t have a skate park – it is one."

2. A member of the Tairua skate park working group gave the Board an update on their partnership funding model following a letter from our Mayor Sandra and Chief Executive supporting any funding applications to external agencies. The Group indicated it would like to stick to the funding ‘trend’, to raise one third of the full amount. The Group have approached and contacted various funding partners as well as exploring sponsorship options. They believe they can secure $150K, before asking the Tairua community for financial support.

3. A representative from the Pauanui Community Office requested for vegetation to be cut back on Hikuai Settlement Road to help with better site line exiting the Pauanui Refuse Transfer Station, otherwise if this doesn’t help, they’ve asked Council staff to look at other options. They also spoke to item 2.1 on the agenda and applauded our Council for addressing dune erosion but are concerned about the loss of green space and would like this concept design to be put out to the wider community for their feedback.

In the meeting:

2.1 Pauanui proposed Hoggin path walkway and dune zone extension

  • You can view the proposed plan here and the detailed presentation including the projected budget costs here. The proposed walkway and dune zone extension will run along the coastal reserve fronting properties 17 to 23 Bonanza Place and 18 to 26 Champion Place.
  • Staff explained the proposal in detail which includes planting and encourages people to stay on the track to protect the dunes and hope other areas will see the benefit of this future proofing work.
  • The Board has requested there also be further public feedback.

2.2 Proposed change in reserve classification - Tairua Library site

The Board agreed a classification of the reserve zoning will provide more opportunities at the site for more community groups and promotes the ‘hub’ they are wanting to achieve in Tairua. The change will:

  • Facilitate the development of a heritage facility in Tairua
  • Allow co-location with the Information Centre and Library to create a community hub in Tairua
  • Optimise the use of the library site rather than seeing fragmented development in Tairua
  • Provide heritage space more affordable to the Tairua Heritage Society.

A public notice will go out about the proposed reserve classification.

2.3 Tairua Community Skate Facility Update Report

  • The design has been slightly changed and shifted to where the current fitness equipment is located in front of tennis courts at Cory Park Domain. This comes after more feedback from the skating community and skate park designers. You can view the comprehensive report here.
  • The Board accepted the proposed design and landscaping, and recommends further discussions with adjoining residents and key users to accommodate acceptable changes and the outcome of the Certificate of Compliance before construction.
  • It endorsed an application for Certificate of Compliance for the proposed facility and applications by the Skatepark Working Group for external funding agencies.
  • The Board also requested Council approve a Tairua-Pauanui locally funded out-of-cycle budget loan of $300,000 for Council's contribution to proposed facility with the remaining budget of $150,000 funded by the community.

4.1 Red Bridge Rd Water Supply Agreement

The Board recommends to Council that a Water Supply agreement be entered into with Brian and Brenda Schmidt for the supply of non-potable water to serve Council facilities at Red Bridge Road Tairua on the following terms:

  • Term - 20 years
  • Renewal - None
  • Rental - $1000 per annum plus GST
  • Termination - One year’s notice by either party
  • Bore maintenance - Council's responsibility
  • Extraction - 15 cubic metres in any 24-hour period

3.1 Leases and Licences to Occupy Policy Review

The Board endorsed the draft revised policy, click here to read more on the changes. 

5.1 Work programme

You can view the full work programme here.

Some highlights to note:

Pepe toilets, Tairua - Our Council received $412,000 from the Tourism Infrastructure Fund towards construction of a new toilet facility at Pepe Reserve, Tairua, which was scheduled to be completed ahead of the peak summer period. The work is now delayed and starting after 7 February 2021 (after Waitangi Day) due to the impact of COVID-19 on our infrastructure programme with two factors in play:

  1. A supply chain problem for the toilet contractor securing equipment.
  2. A back-log in the planned construction programme while the contractor finishes other planned works scheduled ahead of this project.

The current facility is still completely functional and meets health and safety requirements.  As a busy facility, it is one that will be cleaned more regularly over the peak summer period, thanks to the grant from the Government’s Responsible Camping Fund.

Pauanui skate bowl – Grinding and resurfacing to commence 16 November and will take approximately two weeks.

Drinking water treatment plant upgrade - Installation of the plant and equipment for the new Pauanui plant is on track and an official opening is planned for December 2020 -