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The Whangamatā Community Board give thumbs up for their draft Reserve Management Plan to go out for public consultation and move forward with the Esplanade boardwalk improvements.

04 November 2020

The Whangamatā Community Board met yesterday.

You can watch the full unedited recording of the meeting here.

Check out the highlights from the meeting below or you can view the full agenda here. 

In the public forum a representative from the Whangamatā Resource Recovery Trust spoke about their establishment and aspiration to have a Seagull Centre like the one in Thames, at the Whangamatā Refuse Transfer Station. 

Four residents spoke about their concerns for the New Years’ Eve ‘Joe’s Farm’ two-day event with up to 20,000 people attending. A liquor licence hearing for the event is being held tomorrow in Whangamata.

In the meeting:

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Whangamatā Boardwalk Extension Project and Esplanade Improvements:

  • The Board approved the detailed design for the Esplanade Drive to Graham street, following the outcome of concession process with the Department of Conservation.
  • The construction is expected to start in March 2021 and will take approximately 12 weeks to complete.
  • The Board also recommended to Council funding of the Esplanade improvements from Whangamatā Subdivision Reserves budget to improve the public space to include feature seating at Graham St, new bench, picnic set and two new showers. No new trees are to be planted and existing rubbish bins will be retained to save on costs.
  • Staff will investigate options for providing a hoggin path along the existing kerb up to a maximum cost of $50,000 and report back to the Board. 
  • To find out more including the cost estimates, click here.

Application for Discretionary Funds:

  • The Board approved $1,389 to Enterprise Whangamatā which was part of the request for $5,471 for costs associated with ‘Welcome to Whangamatā’ notice board frames.
  • It also approved part a one-off payment to the Whangamatā Indoor Bowling Club of $730 which was part of the request for $1,460 for the costs associated with the Whangamatā Hall hire and storage charges.

Parking Bylaw amendment - Esplanade Drive

Our Roading team discussed their recommendation to reduce the proposed ‘no parking zone’ from 6m to 3m at a site on Esplanade Drive. The proposal was investigated following one complaint by a member of the public concerned about a potential public safety risk. The Board decided the area is a premium parking space and as there had been no recorded health and safety incidences. See further details here.

Whangamatā Community Marae/Hub

The Board recommended to Council to approve in principle, 101 Lindsay Road, Whangamatā as a suitable site for the Whangamatā Community Marae/Hub with a 10-year sunset clause subject to Iwi and community consultation. Click here for more.

Leases and Licences to Occupy Policy Review

The Board endorsed the draft revised policy, click here to read more on the changes. 

Whangamatā Reserve Management Plan

The draft Whangamatā Reserve Management Plan will go out for public consultation (from December 2020 – February 2021), in accordance with Section 41 of the Reserves Act 1977.  You can view the draft here.

Work programme

You can view the full work programme here.

Some highlights to note:

  • Whangamatā Harbour Renewals – Stage 2 - Structure repairs work on the Whangamatā Wharf. The detailed scope of work required to refurbish the adjacent concrete floating pontoon is currently being finalised. Site works are tentatively planned to take place over one week during May/June 2021 to avoid disruption over the busy summer period.
  • Drinking Water Standards upgrade – Work has started on site to upgrade the Beverley Hills Water Treatment Plant with the retaining wall planned to be completed by Christmas -
  • CCTV - Installation of CCTV cameras - Five in Whangamatā and one in Onemana. The last camera installation is in progress and to be completed November 2020.