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Water treatment plant build begins and other highlights from the Whangamatā Community Board’s first meeting of 2021

17 February 2021

The water treatment plant at Beverly Hills in Whangamatā has begun, along with renewals of some of the town’s furniture and structural repairs of the Whangamatā Wharf are ongoing. These were some of the items discussed at the Whangamatā Community Board’s first meeting of the year yesterday.

Photo: The surfboard on Port Road has been replaced after being damaged on New Year's Eve.

“What a great summer we’ve had,” says Whangamatā Community Board Chair Ken Coulam. “Thanks to everyone’s cooperation we haven’t needed to go to a Level 5 water restriction (A Total Watering Ban) for our ward. That’s the first time since we’ve been keeping records of peak period restrictions in 2017. Please remember as we head into March the sun is expected to keep shining with very limited amounts of rain so please keep up the good work and let’s enjoy what’s left of summer.”

Below is a summary of what was discussed and you can listen to the unedited audio recording of the meeting on our website at, or view the full agenda here.

In the public forum:

1. A representative from the Whangamatā Pickleball Group spoke to the item 2.1 to provide further background information on their funding application to the Board.

2. Two members from the Whangamatā Community Swimming Pool Trust updated the Board on their current Service Level Agreement (SLA) funding and outlined why they think it needs to be reviewed. They noted that the pool is a valuable asset to the community which provides an aquatic experience without residents having to travel great distances. The report outlines the key issues they would like to be addressed, which you can read here.

3. A resident with support from the Whangamatā Community Services Trust (WCST) proposed  that a 24/7 service and space be set-up where young people (11-25 years old) feel safe and that provides sustainability and accountability. Ideally in the long term this would be a piece of land in an open space with further details to be worked through. However, they asked for the Board and Council see what they can do to support the WCST, such as providing the Memorial Hall in the short-term.

4. Another resident spoke about their support and need for a Community Hub/Marae in Whangamatā.

5. The last public speaker spoke in support for a Community Hub/Marae and of the earlier speaker’s concerns with young people and mental health and suggested a piece of land could be considered.

Members of the public are welcome to attend the public part of the meetings. If there’s a report you wish to speak to, or item you would like to raise, register with us so we can schedule you for the public forum of the meeting. See our website here for more information on how to register.

In the meeting:

Click the headings to read more.

2.1 Application for Discretionary Fund - Whangamatā Pickleball Group

A one-off payment to the Whangamatā Pickleball Group of $600 from the Board's discretionary fund was approved for the costs associated with the Whangamatā Hall hire to provide the group an opportunity to establish themselves and become sustainable. Staff will speak to the hall custodian to look at trialling leaving the tape down on the courts for longer periods.

3.1 Opoutere Hall

The Board agreed they would like the Opoutere community to be consulted to see whether there is a demand and need for a community hall (pictured right) in this area and to help guide which option would be best.

There’s been little-to-no maintenance completed on the hall. There are holes in the walls, broken bathroom amenities (smashed vanity) and unhygienic/unsafe standards for a hireable space. Most notably, there was a considerable amount of black mould present on the hall ceiling.

Also, the Opoutere Community Hall Incorporated dissolved in March 2019 and deregistered as an incorporated society, effectively terminating the lease.

The Board were presented a few options:

  • Abandon the hall and relinquish reserve management and control back to Department of Conservation.
  • Sell the hall for removal.
  • Repair the hall.

The management options include:

  • Council run the hall.
  • Council finds a management body to run the hall.

You can view further details on these options here, which will form the basis for feedback from the community.

3.2 Whangamatā Croquet Club Incorporated - New Lease

The Board agreed that Whangamatā Croquet Club’s current lease be surrended and recommends Council enter into a new lease for section 32 SO 31568 on the following terms:

  • Term: 20 years
  • Commencement date: 1 April 2021
  • Right of Renewal: Nil
  • Rent: $350.00 per annum (plus GST) in accordance with the prevailing Leases and Licenses policy
  • Permitted use: Croquet purposes

4.1 Whangamatā Community Parking Bylaw Amendments

The Board agreed to some amendments to the Parking Control Bylaw’s Schedule A and recommended the changes be approved by Council:

You can view the full report here.

4.2 Whangamatā Community Work Programme Report 2020/21

You can view the full work programme here.

Some highlights to note:

  • Whangamatā Harbour Renewals - Structural repairs work on the wharf have been completed and the detailed scope of work required to refurbish the adjacent concrete floating pontoon is currently being finalised. Site works are tentatively planned to take place over one week during May/June 2021 to avoid disruption over the summer. The Board requested this be completed sooner and asked for staff to come back with further details on the budget ($193,393).
  • Wentworth Valley Road sealing – There is still some follow up work to be done, then an official opening will be held. Kerbside collections weren’t completed on the road yesterday due to flooding and the Board would like some detail on how long it was flooded for.
  • Street furniture – The surfboard on Port Road has been replaced after being damaged on New Year's Eve. We’re still waiting on overall costs of the damage and clean-up associated with the New Year’s Eve gatherings and this will be brought back to the Board.
  • Whangamatā Boardwalk extension – The project could move to ‘revised but on track’ category as the Department of Conservation have decided they need to do their own public consultation which is expected to start mid-February for a period of 20 working days. If they see a need for hearings it could be end of April 2021 until a decision is reached.
  • Whangamatā Harbour (Moana Anu Anu) walkway – This was planned to commence alongside the above project using the same contractor, however staff will now explore using another contractor.
  • Drinking water standards – The Beverly Hills drinking water treatment plant site has started with the retaining wall completed. Unlike the other ward areas, there is not just one new treatment plant building, there are small individual treatment plants being built and upgraded at each of the bores. Wentworth and Moana Point will follow -

Members’ Reports

The following Whangamatā Community Board Members and Councillor reported:

  • Dave Ryan (Deputy Chair) attended three Onemana Ratepayers Association meetings since the New Year and reported overall the group are happy. He raised two things on their behalf:
  1. Onemana tennis courts require maintenance/replacement and asked if that was Council’s responsibly. Staff will create a request for service and investigate.
  2. He asked if a report could be shared regarding work to upgrade the Onemana Surf Club toilets, as they want to ensure a disability toilet can be budgeted as part of the project. Staff will follow up with details.
  • Tamzin Letele attended the LGNZ National Council Strategy Day and another National Council meeting focusing on revitalising the future of Local Government in New Zealand. Tamzin also noted she had correspondence from the Opoutere Ratepayers Association around freedom camping over the New Year's Eve period due to overflow from the Joe’s Farm event, and a lot of correspondence about New Year's Eve in Whangamatā and the idea of providing something for youth.
  • Councillor Terry Walker asked staff to be more detailed with information on follow-ups with projects.

To get in touch with your Community Board Members or Councillors, visit our website here.

Next Whangamatā Community Board meeting: 10am, Tuesday 30 March 2021 at the Whangamatā Service Centre, 620 Port Rd. Copies of agendas, reports and minutes are available two days before the meeting online at or at our Council offices.