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09 December 2020

Conservation is crucial, planned water shutdown and reservoir maintenance this week.

Coromandel Town reservoir maintenance

On Friday 11 December, our contractors will be repairing a leak to Coromandel Town’s reservoir which may cause a reduction in your water pressure.

The work is being done at night to provide the least disruption; however, residents are asked to please be careful with water usage between 5pm Friday 11 December and 5am Saturday 12 December.

Remember, every drop counts

Coromandel Town and the rest of our District is currently on a Level 2 - Conserve water restriction. Residents are asked to keep using water carefully to ensure our supply continues.

A reminder that Thames Valley has a permanent total watering ban in place.

The issues that have been experienced with our water supplies result from a huge increase in demand for water from our peak visitor population, exacerbated by hot, dry weather, which means our river and stream levels dramatically decrease.

As our stream levels drop, the volume of water we can take from some of these sources is also reduced to ensure we do not breach our resource consent conditions.

We're working with communities that have private supplies that maybe vulnerable due to increased demand over the summer peak period. Hahei Water Supply Association are indicating that if they may have to impose a total watering ban for their consumers from mid-December if the demand remains high.

"Water is a precious commodity and we’re trying to raise awareness now about demand and supply, and managing this over the peak summer period,” says our Council’s Communications and Economic Development Group Manager Laurna White. “Hahei is a classic example where water demand can be higher than what can be supplied from bores. This means without implementing conservation measures our reservoir levels will drop fairly rapidly.”

See our website for more information on restrictions and tips on how you can conserve water –

Puriri township planned water supply shutdown

As part of some scheduled work in Puriri, our contractors will be shutting down the water supply on Thursday 10 December from 9 am-2pm. Puriri School is not affected.

Following this water shutdown, you may experience common water supply problems such as your taps spurting or cloudy water. There are some simple remedies you can find on our website here, otherwise please contact our Customer Services team on 07 868 0200.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience.

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