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Radio Ads

Kerbside radio ad for the week after Queen's Birthday weekend (1 June) 2015 (MP3 970KB)

Kerbside radio ad for the week after Labour Day (26 October) 2015 (MP3 1MB)

Operation Shakeout

Download the Radio mix version of the ShakeOut drill (MP3 2Mb)

Download the sound of an earthquake as heard from inside a building (MP3 4Mb)

If you've never heard the sound of an earthquake, this will explain why some survivors have described the sound of a train coming at them.

If you've lived through an earthquake event in the past, we recommend you don't listen to this as it may take you back into that memory in a way that could be traumatic.

Tsunami Siren

Our standard Tsunami warning sirens are a continuous version of the fire siren. When you hear the continuous tone, please immediately listen to your radio for more information.

Since tsunami sirens are not consistent around New Zaland and we have people from many areas visiting the Coromandel, our sirens are reminders to listen to your local radio station to find out what's happening.

Tsunami Siren Test (MP3 1.8Mb)


Listen to Kotui Project Manager John Truesdale explain Kotui's top two benefits (MP3 877Kb)

Listen to Linda Hayfield explain why Kotui is so good for library members (MP3 463Kb)

Misaki delegation interviews

Listen to Deputy Mayor Hatsui Okabe talking about the similarities and differences between Thames and Misaki, among other things, in our audio interview series:

Planting Day Interviews

Interviews from the planting day series in Thames on Thursday 9 August 2012.

Download Interview 1 - (MP3 1.3Mb) 
Trees For Survival Facilitator Beccy Dove talks about the Trees For Survival planting day with St Francis and Thames South schools.

Download Interview 2 - (MP3 1.1Mb)
Thames-Coromandel District Council Parks and Reserves Manager Derek Thompson tells us the story of this site and it’s recent planting history.

Download Interview 3 - (MP3 1Mb)
Smart Environmental’s Howard Saunders explains his vision for the overall planting programme.

How we make them

We make all our radio and audio productions in-house.

When we write, we don't start with words designed to be read with the eyes on a page. We believe that audio should be written to be heard and understood. That means we don't record material cut and pasted from a print document. We speak it aloud first and script the spoken words second.

Then we record, mix and master the sound with a passion for the audio medium and even mix in a bit of "special audio sauce" to make it sound great on the radio.

Tools (depending on the job):

  • Zoom H4n field recorder (that's how we recorded the tsunami siren test)
  • Logic X