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Economic Development

Our Council is serious about creating vibrant, strong communities and stimulating economic development. We're also here to help our business sector however we can, so contact us with your new idea, business venture or expansion plans; we're here to help.

Our Economic Development focus

We have developed an Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan, a copy of this document is available online

"It's entrepreneurs and business people that create jobs by establishing and investing in businesses on the Coromandel. Our mission is to create an environment for the private sector to invest capital in our district".

Projects on the go and coming up

We also have a huge amount of upcoming projects and projects already "on the go" as part of our Economic Development work programme. Check them out here and here.

Contact us:

Get in touch with us about your business idea, new venture or expansion plans, we can meet with you to discuss them and then work on a pathway forward with you.

Contact: Colleen Litchfield, Economic Development Programme Manager

Council Services

The Council provides dozens of services that are crucial to the success of the Coromandel for its visitors, investors, businesses and residents. Of course we deliver effective wastewater, water, stormwater, roading and rubbish services, but we also provide other services vital to retain and attract investment, including: