New Zealand Institute For Rural Entrepreneurship

Calling all Coromandel entrepreneurs

The New Zealand Institute for Rural Entrepreneurship (NZIRE) recognises the growing trend of entrepreneurs choosing to live and work in small towns and has been researching some of the barriers and opportunities you'll find in places like the Coromandel.

NZIER has been resarching the barriers and opportunities for entrepreneurs in small towns, such as those in our district.

Findings show rural areas can be a powerhouse for an economy while pursuing innovation and entrepreneurship as important drivers of wellbeing and growth. In a connected era, there is a growing trend of entrepreneurs choosing to live and work in small towns. Not only is it more affordable but also provides a superior lifestyle.

New Zealand Institute for Rural Entrepreneurship (NZIRE) is focused on bringing ‘rural’ into focus, integrating it with the love of innovative and entrepreneurial people for small-town living.

NZIRE engage in the local context rather than requiring entrepreneurs to go to cities for the services needed to develop and grow innovative outcomes

The three strategic objectives that add the most value to overcome constraints to rural entrepreneurs:

  • Diversify rural economies
  • Increases access to resources
  • Develop entrepreneurial skills

Do you want your business to succeed and to double your profit  while you also invest in your community at the same time?

Rural entrepreneurship worldwide is becoming an important feature of local growth. There are multiple global trends that provide opportunities for small towns to use entrepreneurship for growth that has not existed before. There is also opportunity to diversify the economy and the growing cohort of remote workers. It provides opportunity for professionals to have a lifestyle of a small town while the work anywhere in the world. The workshops will explore this in more detail.

NZRIE are interested to help your business to stimulate growth regardless of where you are on this journey. 

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