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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

The Coromandel is in the government’s COVID-19 protection framework level RED.

Our Council to farewell vaccine passes 

As of Monday 4 April, COVID-19 My Vaccine Passes are not required to enter any of our Council facilities. 

We have completed risk assessments for staff, elected members and our facilities and based on these we are confident we can make this change and continue to effectively and safely deliver our services and projects. 

The change also enables our Council to be aligned with the Government’s decisions to remove many of the mandates previously in place. 

We are also revoking our Vaccination in the Workplace Policy. This means that staff (and elected members) who are not vaccinated can now work in our offices and new hires are not required to be vaccinated. For now, we are still taking measures to reduce the risk of COVID transmission at our workplaces, in line with the COVID-19 Protection Framework ORANGE traffic light settings. 

COVID-19 is still being transmitted in the community and so we ask that people visiting our Customer Service desks and other Council facilities to continue to follow the COVID-19 Protection Framework settings for the ORANGE traffic light setting. These precautions include wearing a mask indoors, maintaining social distance from other visitors and our staff, and practicing good hygiene.  

If you have any COVID symptoms or are sick with anything else, please stay at home. 

See the Government’s Unite Against COVID-19 website for more information on the Government’s changes to the traffic light system and for information about COVID-19.