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Community Response Plans

Most communities in our district now have a completed Community Response Plan, which is a guide to assisting response at a local level.

These plans are developed by local communities with the help of our Council.

A Community Response Plan helps people in the community understand the local risks, how to communicate and coordinate with each other and with Civil Defence in an emergency, and how to work together to recover from an emergency event. It's helpful for your community to have a plan to get through in an emergency, as well as a plan for looking after whānau.

Tsunami inundation interactive map

View our interactive tsunami inundation map, below, to view tsunami modeling completed for our coastline including inundation zones and safe zones. Start exploring this map by panning and zooming into communities. Please visit Waikato Regional Council for more detailed modelling information.

Or, click here to open the tsunami modelling map in another window.