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TCDC Emergency Alerts

Our Council has teamed up with Waikato Civil Defence Emergency Management Group to launch our new all hazards emergency alerting tool.

We can now warn you of any local hazard that might impact your life or property. This tool works in conjunction with other alerting methods such as Emergency Mobile Alerts (EMA) and Red Cross Hazards App. 

Simply sign up, subscribe to your area, and select your preferred method of contact in the event of an emergency.

In an area with poor connectivity? TCDC Emergency Alerts offers a landline voice call service for anyone with unreliable mobile and internet coverage.

Click here to register now

or follow our step-by-step registration guide below. 

Step-by-step Registration Guide

To recieve these alerts, you need to subscribe to this service and ensure your information is up to date.

1. Follow the link below to access the sign-up page. This link will open in a new window so you can continue to follow these steps while you complete your registration. 

Register now

2. Select Register new account
3. Provide your details and click submit

If you register your email address, you will receive an email alert in an emergency.
If you register your mobile number, you will receive a text alert and a voice alert on your mobile in an emergency.
If you register your landline number, you will receive the voice alert on your landline instead of your mobile in an emergency.

4. Tick any boxes that apply to your area (Thames-Coromandel East Coast, Thames-Coromandel West Coast)
5. Click save
6. You are now signed up for TCDC Emergency Alerts. 

Once you have completed these steps, you will receive a confirmation e-mail confirming that you have been successfully registered. Save this confirmation e-mail as it contains your log in information.

Can’t see the e-mail? Check your spam folder. If you still can’t find this e-mail, get in touch with us. Please note that this may take up to thirty minutes to arrive. 

What happens now?

You will only receive an alert during a TCDC Emergency Alert as the result of an important emergency event where you may be required to act. 


Is there assistance available to help me subscribe?

 Yes, please call us and a team member will help you.

Do I have to have an email address to sign up? 

 Yes, you do need an email address to subscribe, even if you don’t want to receive alerts via email. 

I’ve signed up, but my information has now changed. What should I do?

Updating your information is easy. Simply log in, select My Profile, update your information, and press submit.

I’m leaving the district and no longer wish to receive TCDC Emergency Alerts, how do I unsubscribe?

To unsubscribe, log in and go to the subscriptions page. Untick all boxes and press submit. You are now unsubscribed and will not receive any further communications. 

What happens if I don’t answer or miss the phone call/ voice alert? 

TCDC Emergency Alerts will continue to call for a specified amount of time, or until someone picks up. This will improve the chances that the message is recieved. 

How is TCDC Emergency Alerts different from the other emergency alerting tools?

This additional alerting tool enables us to now alert communities with unreliable mobile and internet access. All the other alerting methods (EMA and Red Cross Hazards App) are still available and reliable. 


All information you provide to this subscription is strictly managed under our TCDC Privacy Statement.