Draft Annual Plan 2013-2014

Submissions have now closed. Council deliberated Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 May with the Annual Plan being adopted formally now on Wednesday 26 June.

Here's some tips to writing a good submission.

  • Tell us what topics of the Draft Annual Plan you are commenting on.
  • Before you start writing, think about what really needs to be included. Be clear and concise.
  • Write in a logical order.
  • Tell us what you want, and what decision you would like made - please dont' leave us to guess.
  • Tell us the reasons for this decision..

Changes We're Proposing

There's some major changes to some projects which are different to what is set out in our 2012-2022 Ten Year Plan.

New Projects

  • Feasibility studies are being undertaken for the Coromandel Great Walks, and the improvements to Harbour Facilities in the Coromandel township. There is no further financial allocation against these projects until the outcomes of the feasibility studies are known
  • Whitianga Coastal Action Plan is being developed for a coordinated approach to managing coastal erosion in the Whitianga beach front area.  ($600,000. Activity:Parks and Reserves, Mercury Bay ).
  • An awareness programme for Moanataiari including an awareness programme promoting behavioural changes, assisting with providing safe soil to grow vegetables in and providing some assistance to property owners in affected areas such as Block 2 to cover exposed material in high traffic areas and other similar solutions such as are currently promoted by the Ministry of Health.($45,000. Activity: Hazard Management).
  • A Street Light Upgrade for the Whitianga Esplanade ($135,000. Activity: Local Transportation, Mercury Bay).
  • Investigation and construction of a floating pontoon to improve trailer boat launching in Whitianga($100,000. Activity: Harbour Facilities, Mercury Bay).
  • Hot Water Beach Parking Management Project including instillation of parking meters for the Hot Water Beach car park. ($25,000. Activity: Local Transportation, Mercury Bay).
  • In keeping with our new Community Governance arrangements and Community Board delegations, a discretionary fund for each of the five Community Boards. ($20,000 respectively. Activity: Local Social Development).
  • The introduction of a contestable grant for Marae development within the District as part of our commitment for working with and having meaningful engagement with Tangata Whenua and recognising the importance Marae play as public meeting places/halls community welfare and emergency management centres. ($30,000. Activity: Social Development).

Being Reduced or Removed

  • Removal of the Hahei Lees Road Seal Extension project as this project is no longer required($714,000. Activity: Local Transportation, Mercury Bay).
  • The Dalmanay's Corner Flood Mitigation project has been removed reducing the budget from $472,000 to $0. The project was to reduce flood risks and improve route security. Initial assessment indicated that around $950,000 may be needed, which is larger is scope that what was anticipatedin the Ten Year Plan. Because of the variance in cost and scope we've believe we need more information to provide for certainty around this project. We'll getting more information to look at costs/benefit analysis to provide a more accurate budget for the 2014/2015 Annual Plan. This project will also be subject to NZTA funding and community consultation.
  • The Park Avenue Reserve Development project in Whangamata has been removed due to unsuitable ground conditions for active sport.($87,000. Activity: Parks and Reserves).
  • The Whangamata Harbour Walkway project budget for 2013/2014 (Moana Anu Anu) has been reduced from $108,000 to $50,000 following stage on e completion in 2012/2013. The Community Board will now re-assess the entire project (Activity: Parks and Reserves).
  • Across four of the five Community Board areas the costs associated with the Stormwater activity have reduced by approximately $300,000, due to a change in depreciation. (Activity: Stormwater).

Being Increased

  • Council’s Major Events Fund is proposed to increase from $20,000 to $75,000 - NB this is dependent on a Major Events strategy being adopted by Council. (Activity: Economic Development).

Changes to Fees and Charges

  • We are proposing an increase to fees and charges associated with impounding dogs to cover SPCA contributions and have included a new micro-chipping fee per dog of $25.00.
  • We are proposing to introduce a passenger fee, imposed on passenger ferries and charter boats in Coromandel Town of $1 per passenger over 5 years of age.
  • We're proposing to introduce limited trailer boat parking/launching fees to the Whitianga Wharf ramp and parking area. This is to fund maintenance and improvements relating to harbour facilities, including pontoon proposed for construction 2013/2014. Before the new fees become applicable this matter will be discussed with key stakeholders. Initially, this will apply to the Whitianga Wharf ramp and parking area only meaning that other opportunities for free boat parking and launching within Whitianga remain available.
  • On completion of the Mercury Bay Multisport Complex new fees and charges associated with use of the facility will be introduced. At the time of publication these have yet to be determined. On completion of the Hot Water Beach carpark project, parking fees would be introduced. At the time of writing these are yet to be determined.
  • Depending on the outcome of the solid waste tender process, there may be a need to change some fees and charges associated with this activity. If this is the case it would be subject to consultation. Any changes would take effect 1 September 2013 which is the new contract commencement date.
  • We are proposing an increase to the water by volume charge from 95c per cubic metre to $1.10. Most fees and charges associated with the Building Control activity are increasing (further detail can be found in the Annual Plan under Healthy and Safe Communities Activity Group - Building Control section).