Draft Annual Plan 2013/2014 - Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of frequently asked questions about the draft 2013/2014 Annual Plan

What is the draft 2013/2014 Annual Plan?

It sets out what our Council is proposing to achieve the 2013/2014 financial year. It outlines the costs, and how we will pay for the delivery of our activities and services, as well as how we will measure our performance.

The Annual Plan does not focus on the role, scope, service levels and priority of Council activities. These 'wider' strategic matters are dealt with through the Council's Ten Year Plan, which was adopted in June 2012. The next Ten Year Plan will be prepared for 2015/2016.

Why have an Annual Plan?

We're required under the Local Government Act 2002 to have an Annual Plan which provides a detailed annual budget as well as identifying any variations from the Ten Year Plan (reviewed every three years).


How Can I Have My Say?

We have prepared a submission form to assist you with this, and whilst we encourage you to use the form you don't have to.

The form is included with the summary document or you could use our Online Submission System to make a submission

Submissions close at 4pm Thursday 04 April.

If you have sent in a written submission you can also choose to present it at a meeting called a Hearing.  At one of these meetings your elected members will listen to you present your submission in person. If you don't want to present your submission at a Hearing, that's okay too.  Your elected members will receive a copy of every submission to read as well. All members of the public are welcome to attend the Hearings to watch the proceedings.

Where Is Money Looking To Be Spent?

Coromandel Great Walks. This project is looking to create a world-class multi day walk that links strongly with towns and communities on the Coromandel to drive economic development through tourism.  We are currently conducting a feasibility study and would like your feedback on whether you think this is a good idea for the Coromandel. 

Updgrading Coromandel Harbour Facilities. A business plan is being drawn up looking at upgrading the harbour facilities at Coromandel township with options to consider an all-tide access facility enabling greater accessibility to passenger ferry, charter boats and recreational users.

IT Venture. We've had success over the course of the last year working with local companies on software development and an Online Submission Programme and taking this to a wider market. Given the possible benefits to our ratepayers, we are currently preparing a business case for the establishment of a company (likely to be set up as a Council Controlled Organisation) to provide the vehicle through which we can run our local joint venture.

Rates Remission for Thames Valley Water. We are proposing to introduce a new rates remission for properties that receive the water by volume charge in the Thames Valley area (Thames Valley includes Matatoki, Puriri, Omahu and Hikutaia).The purpose of this remission is to enable the Council to differentiate between those ratepayers in the District that receive treated water and those that receive untreated water supply with regard to water by volume charges.Our proposal is to automatically remit 50% of the charge, bringing the charge down from $1.10 per cubic metre, to $0.55 per cubic metre in the 2013/2014 year.

Hot Water Beach Parking Management. We're proposing the addition of $25,000 for the for installation of parking metres for the Hot Water Beach car park, in anticipation of these being put in place by Christmas 2013. Funds from these meters will be used to enhance facilities in this area.  At the time of writing New Fees and Charges associated with these parking metres has not been determined.

Whitianga Coastal Action Plan. $600,000 has been allocated for coastal erosion works along the Whitianga beachfront.

Whitianga Floating Pontoon/Wharf Charges. Funds ($100,000) have been proposed to investigate and construct a pontoon to improve trailer boat launching in Whitianga. We are also proposing to introduce a limited trailer boat parking/launching fees (of $70 annual fee or $8 daily permit for recreational boat launching/trailer parking) in the Whitianga area to fund maintenance and improvements relating to harbour facilities, including the pontoon proposed for construction in 2013/2014. Before the new fees become applicable this matter will be discussed with key stakeholders. Initially, this will apply to the Whitianga Wharf ramp and parking area only meaning that other opportunities for free boat parking and launching within Whitianga remain available.

Community Board Discretionary Fund: A $20,000 discretionary fund for each of the five community boards has been included, funded through the local social development activity. 

Marae Development Fund. We're consulting on a contestable grant of $30,000 for Marae development within the district as part of a commitment to working with and having meaningful and on/going consultation with Moari and Iwi within our communities. We also recognise that Marae for many of our people act as a public hall and are also important for emergency management as welfare centres. We have not as yet included these funds in this annual plan budget as we are keen to hear community views on this. The approximate cost to each ratepayer (each UAGC) for this would be $1.13 plus GST per annum

Major Events Fund. We;re proposing an increase in the contestable events fund from $20,000 to $75,000. This increase is in anticipation of a Major Events and Economic Development Strategies, which are due for adoption in the 2012/2013 financial year.

How Will This Impact On My Rates?

To get an indication of what you rates are likely to be for the 2013/2014 year access our rates calculator and enter your property details.

The District wide average rate requirement is calculated as the total rates revenue we need, divided by the total number of rating units.  Whilst an indicator for the cost of our business, the 'average rate' is not the most accurate indicator of what your individual rates bill will be because every property is different