Dog Control Policy and Bylaw review

We have changed our Dog Control Policy and Dog Control Bylaw

We've heard from the community and made changes to our dog control rules for the district that took effect on 1 August. This comes after a long review and means we now have an updated Dog Control Policy and Dog Control Bylaw.

We have worked hard to make sure we have local rules that are clear and easy to understand for both our residents and visitors. This means having some consistency across the district, such as the dates and times dogs are allowed on some beaches over summer and public holidays.

The new policy and bylaw strikes a balance between different community needs and preferences. We have requirements under the Dog Control Act 1996 both about community health and safety, and providing exercise and recreational opportunities for dogs and their owners. We've also considered the need to protect wildlife such as dotterel and kiwi.

You can read the new  Dog Control Policy and Dog Control Bylaw here.

Summaries of the rules by area

We have produced summaries of the area rules for each Community Board area, to help you understand the new rules which took effect on 1 August 2016. Check the new Dog Control Bylaw for all the rules.

Review of the policy and bylaw

Our proposal was out for consultation over November and early December 2015 and we received 429 submissions, which included two 'pro forma' submissions on specific issues in Whitianga and Whangamata.

To look at what we proposed during consultation and to read the submissions received, head to our consultation portal

Hearing of submitters who wished to speak to the draft Dog Control Policy and Bylaw was held on Thursday, 11 February. Council's Judicial Committee then met to deliberate on 17 March. You can read the agenda reports and minutes for these meetings from the Judicial Committee webpage. You can read the hearing pack (with a copy of all of the submissions) hereThe agenda with links to the deliberations report (including submission analysis and staff recommendations) from the 17 March meeting is available on our webpage, as well as the minutes from that meeting.

Council considered a final policy and bylaw and adopted the Judicial Committee's recommendations on 18 May 2016. You can read the agenda reports for this meeting at our Council meeting agenda and minutes webpage, or you can read a copy of the agenda from this meeting here.

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Council adopted a Dog Control Policy and made a Dog Control Bylaw in August 2004, and a review was undertaken in 2009. Another review was initiated in 2013 and feedback was collected from the community, but this process was not completed as various improvements were considered necessary and we wanted to give the community another opportunity to provide feedback to changes. The current review picks up from the work undertaken in 2013/14 and has involved further discussions with stakeholders. A draft policy and bylaw was proposed to the community in late 2015.