Proposed Annual Plan 2020/21 - Mahere-a-Tau

The Annual Plan consultation closed at 5pm on 14 April. Hearings were held in early May and Council will deliberate the Proposed Annual Plan on 2 June. The final plan will be adopted at the 30 June Council meeting. If you have any questions we can answer them via email or over the phone. You can contact us (07) 868 0200 or

Annual Plan Deliberations 2 June 2020

Agenda - Annual Plan Deliberations 

Annual Plan Hearings 4-5 May 2020

A copy of the submissions received can be found here. Hearing pack all submissions

Tabled Submissions and attachments

Submitter AP20_104 - Alastair Brickell - Further information (fees and charges omitted) 

Submitter AP20_105 - Brian Dixon - Attachment 

Submitter AP20_136 - Dianne Connors - Submission notes

Submitter AP20_ 204 - Lynda Dacey - Submission in Lieu

Submittter AP20_220 - Alastair Sims - Additional notes

Submitter AP20_223 - Susan and Anthony Jacobs - Attachment

Submitter AP20_247 - Anna Horne- Additional Comments and Submission page 4 (6/4/2020), submission in lieu (4/5/2020) Mercury Bay Cycling Strategy

Submitter AP20_259 - Ron King - Submission, Email with additional information and  attachment provided by TCDC for redability

Submitter AP20_ 263 - Ross Ferraby - Submission, attached Email and additional information Whangamata Boardwalk 

Submitter AP20_ 264- Jacqui and Sam Dorotich Wymer Family Trust 

Submitter AP20_ 265-  Meryl Marks 

Later Submissions Submitter AP20_266-269 - K Wymer, P & J Van Groendaal and J Schonewille

Hearings were held via audio visual link on 4 and 5 May 2020 and the unedited recordings are here:

May 4

Hearing session 1:

Hearing session 2:

Hearing session 3:

May 5

Hearing session 1:

Hearing session 2:

This consultation and COVID-19

We received more than 200 submissions on our proposed Annual Plan during the consultation period from 10 March to 14 April - so thanks to everyone who took the time to go through the supporting documents and send us their feedback.

We don’t know what the impact of COVID-19 will be, but the submissions we received will be taken into account during the decision making on projects, services, spending and rates that go into the Annual Plan.

Council will deliberate the Proposed Annual Plan on 2 June and the final plan will be adopted on 23 June.

Rates are proposed to increase

  • Pre-COVID-19 Council proposed to increase rates to an average 9.98 per cent for the 2020/2021 financial year. COVID-19 has affected Council activities and this is being taken into account for the setting of the rates in the Annual Plan.
  • The proposed increase translates to an average per property cost increase of $287 for the year.

Some fees and charges are proposed to increase

  • The most significant changes are proposed in the solid waste activity. 
  • Other smaller increases are also proposed for some services.

Our consultation document explains the reasons behind the proposed rates increase and also spells out some options around the Uniform Annual General Charge (UAGC) portion of the rates - should it remain at 20 percent of total rates, or be lower or higher? 

Consultation closed at 5pm 14 April!

In the public consultation, we also asked for feedback on which Council services you valued the most and which ones were no longer relevant or could be reduced in order to provide savings. This information will be used to form our Long Term Plan for 2021-2031, which is in the works right now. You'll have a chance to provide us your feedback on the Long Term Plan early next year.

In addition to the Consultation Document, further information can be found in the supporting information.

Consultation Document 

2020/2021 Annual Plan Consultation Document.

Supporting information 

1. Rating examples for the Uniform Annual General Charge.

2. Proposed schedule of changes to fees and charges for 2020/21.

3. Capital expenditure projects planned for 2020/21.

4. How rates are spent.

5. Prospective financial statements.

6. Additional financial information - summary of increased operational expenditure for 2018/19.

You can use the Online Rates Calculator to calculate the proposed rates for your property in 2020/2021 for Option A.

What happens next?

  • 2 June 2020 - Council deliberations on draft Annual Plan, including submissions
  • 30 June 2020 - Adoption of Annual Plan and rating resolutions.

If you have any questions, please contact us on 07 868 0200 or email

If this schedule changes due to COVID-19, this page will be updated. We will also inform people via our email newsletters, our social media pages and a media release to keep local media informed.