Reserve Management Plans Reviews

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Why review our Reserve Management Plans?

The current reserve management plans for the Coromandel-Colville area reserves were adopted in 2007.  It is recommended that plans are reviewed at least once every 10 years, meaning this plan is due for review.  The Thames and Thames Coast and Mercury Bay area plans were completed between 2006-2008 so they are also due to be reviewed.

The Whangamata and Tairua-Pauanui plans were last reviewed in 2014 so the review of these plans will be completed last.

See our current plans here

Which Reserves Must be Covered by Management Plans?

All types of reserves under the control of or vested in an administering body (the Council) must be covered by an approved management plan, or plans, under s41 of the Reserves Act 1977.

What is in our current reserve management plans?

The current plans have two parts; Objectives and Policies in part one and Individual Reserve Plans in part two.  These plans can be found here.

How will the plans be prepared?

Our Council has decided to prepare a single Reserve Management Plan outlining all of the objectives and policies that will apply to all of the reserve land it manages.  It will also prepare separate area-based plans considering specific issues and policies for individual reserves in that area.

This is different than the current approach where each of the area plans has been prepared as a plan in two parts - Aims, objectives and policies; and Individual reserves.

How can you become involved?

As the review of each plan begins, a public notice will be published inviting suggestions.  Once the plan has been reviewed, the draft will be available for submissions from anyone interested for at least two months. 

If you are interested, send us an email to indicating what interests you and we will contact you directly when this matter is under review.  Also, watch out for open days in your area.

As well as indicating your interest or attending open days as each plan is drafted it will be made available for public consultation for at least 2 months.  Keep an eye on our "Have your say" site for each updated plan consultation.

When will the reserves in my area be reviewed?

The overall policies and objectives for management of reserves is currently being reviewed, as are the area plans for Coromandel Colville.  Consultation on draft plans is expected to take place in late-2018. 

Reviews of the Thames and Thames Coast reserves and the Mercury Bay reserves will begin in late-2018 with consultation on drafts of plan updates likely to be available early‑2019.  As they were last reviewed in 2014, the Whangamata and Tairua-Pauanui plans reviews will begin early 2019 with consultation likely to be late-2019.

What are the purposes of a Reserve Management Plan?

The Reserves Act 1977 requires (s 41(3)) that a management plan "provides for and ensures" the following:

  • the principles set out in sections 17 to 23 that apply to a reserve of the relevant classification;
  • compliance with those principles;
  • use, enjoyment, maintenance, protection, and preservation of the reserve(s) as the case may require;
  • development (as appropriate) of the reserve(s) to the extent that the administering body’s resources permit, for the purpose for which each reserve is classified.

Management planning is intended to enable the administering body to establish the desired mix of use and protection for each reserve or group of reserves and set in place policy to guide day to day management. Determining community preferences, and establishing the best means to provide for them are essential ingredients for good management planning.

A management plan provides the community with certainty about the function and management of each reserve or grouping. A management plan also provides the administering body with efficiency gains in management of the reserve, by allowing exemptions from public notification in certain cases.

Does the administering body have to keep a Plan under continuous review?

A administering body is required to keep the management plan(s) over reserve(s) for which it responsible under continuous review (s 41(4)). The intention is that the plan be adapted to changing circumstances or increased knowledge.  Generally, plans should be reviewed at a minimum of 10 year intervals.

  • Learn more about management planning for reserves 
    Please note that the guidance document that opens from this link has not been updated for a number of years. It does not accurately reflect the 2013 delegations from the Minister of Conservation to local authorities who administer Crown-owned reserve land. However, it still provides useful general guidance for management of reserves.