Draft Revenue and Financing Policy

Find out more about our Draft Revenue and Financing Policy

The Revenue and Financing Policy sets out how the Council funds each activity it is involved in and why. The policy has been reviewed and changes to the current policy are proposed. The document sets out these proposals and the revised policy. 

The proposals include:

  • Changing the funding of the Stormwater activity from a local-funded activity to a district-funded activity.
  • Changing the funding of Public conveniences and Cemeteries from district-funded activities to local-funded activities.
  • Introducing a targeted fixed rate of $200 per property for those who make their homes available on a short term basis for holiday rentals.
  • Classifying Bed and Breakfast businesses who have 4 or more bedrooms available for short term accommodation as Commercial rather than Residential ratepayers.
  • Changing the funding of the Tairua, Pauanui, Whangamata and Coromandel Information Centres from district-funded to local funding over the next three years.

Our Draft Revenue and Financing Policy is supported by detailed activity funding analysis. To view our detailed activity funding analysis, click here.

To view the policy we asked for feedback on, click here.