Schedule of capital expenditure projects by area

Read our schedule of capital expenditure projects by area as proposed in our Draft Long Term Plan 2015-2025.

This document contains an overview of capital expenditure projects by Community Board area.

Take a look at the schedule of capital expenditure projects by area here.

Here's a snapshot of some projects being proposed in each area.

Thames and Kopu

  • Maintenance of long-established infrastructure, facilities and services.
  • Partnering with others on new or replacement facilities such as the multisport indoor sports facility.
  • Major upgrade of southern and rural water supply, wastewater and stormwater systems.
  • Funding for local economic development initiatives in response to feedback from community and business groups.
  • Thames Pool funding for renewal and feasibility of sub-regional aquatic centre.


  • Completing key footpath connections in town in a way that retains the beach character.
  • Investigations into the feasibility of building a walkway and cycleway up Wentworth Valley road.
  • Sealing Wentworth Valley Road.
  • Community projects such as the redevelopment of Williamson Park, upgrading Aitken Road Tennis Courts, parking and disabled access to Island View Reserve, an investigation into a new Community Marae facility, and on-going commitment to development of harbour walking tracks.


  • Maintenance of current local facilities and improving harbour facilities.
  • On-going safety improvements for the Hikuai Settlement Road and safety and bridge-widening improvements at Duck Creek.
  • Progress on Council’s Water Demand strategy.
  • Pauanui aquifer reconfiguration project removing the need for an upgrade.
  • A catchment-wide programme to manage flooding and erosion at Holland Stream.

Mercury Bay

  • Whitianga Town upgrade.
  • Constructing the next stage of the Mercury Bay Cemetery.
  • Managing coastal erosion at Brophy’s beach.
  • Upgrading Hot Water Beach toilet facilities.


  • Coromandel Harbour facilities development for growth in aquaculture, tourism, recreational opportunities and improved commuter access to and from Auckland through a fast ferry service.
  • Two of the major issues signalled for further investigation in this consultation document are the Coromandel Harbour Facilities project and the Coromandel Northern By-Pass (see pages 29-30 of the consultation document).