Williamson Park Resource Consent RMA2018203

The Decision of Independent Commissioner Paul Cooney has been released.

Appeal: ENV-2018-AKL-000378 - Echave vs TCDC

An appeal has been received by the Environment Court.  A copy can be found here.

The Ministry for the Environment have developed an everyday guide to the RMA: Your guide to the Environment Court, which seeks to explain the Environment Court process.  This guide introduces the role of the Environment Court and what is involved.

Any questions regarding the appeal should be directed to the Environment Court.  The details can be located on this website.

TCDC have advised the Environment Court of their wish to be party to the proceedings pursuant to Section 274 of the Resource Management Act 1991.  The Section 274 notice can be found here.

NOTICE OF DECISION - Resource Management Act 1991

Applicant:                  Thames-Coromandel District Council

Application:              Application for 20 day time and 7 night time events per year, for 15 years, at Williamson Park, Whangamata

Site:                            Ocean Road, Whangamata – known as Williamson Park 

Independent Commissioner Paul Cooney has released the decison for RMA2018/203 - Williamson Park.

Appeals must be lodged within 15 working days after receipt of notification of the decision, or any part of the decision to which it relates, to lodge an appeal with the Registrar of the Environment Court, PO Box 7147, Wellesley Street, Auckland.


The Thames-Coromandel District Council has received an application for Resource Consent for Williamson Park, Whangamata

Following the success of the various events held over the past two summers, the applicant is making an application for a comprehensive consent for 20 daytime and 7 night events per year, for 15 years.  It is anticipated that these events will comprise a mixture of community and private events, some of which will be free and some of which will be ticketed and paid events.

There were 195 submissions received and these are being entered into the database. Submissions can be accessed clicking on the link.

The hearing date has set for 24 and 25 October at the Whangamata Club, starting at 10.00am.

In the matter of RMA2018/203 – Williamson Park, 418 Ocean Road, Whangamata, please be advised that the hearing is now closed and that the Commissioner will issue a decision within 15 working days.

The following documentation was presented at the Hearing on 24 and 25 October 2018.

For the applicant:


Commissioner Cooney directed the noise experts to provide a joint statement following the hearing.

Submitters have provided expert evidence as below:

The applicants report has been provided in the links below:

The Section 42a report (which is the Planners report for the application) is available by clicking on the links below

Section 42a Report



The full public notice is available here.

The notification documentation is available below.  Click on each link to open the documents.

Notification documentation
Cover letter
Application Form
Assessment of Environmental Effects (including updated version from Section 92 request)

Appendix A - Decision of Hearing Commissioner - RMA20160272
Appendix B - Decision of Hearing Commissioner - RMA20170159
Appendix C - Noise Monitoring - New Years Eve 
Appendix C - Noise Monitoring Shape Shifter
Appendix D - Certificate of title
Appendix E  - Residents letter
Appendix F - Acoustic report
Appendix G - District Plan objectives and policies
Appendix H - Indicative site plans (response to Section 92 request)
Appendix I Indicative list of future events (response to Section 92 request)
Appendix J - Historical events (response to Section 92 request)

Section 92 - Request for further information
Section 92 - Response to request for further information 

For information regarding previous consents and project updates, click on the link for Williamson Park.