Coromandel Town Proposed Bypass Consultation

Consultation is now closed.

Our Council is proposing to build a new road that will circumvent the centre of Coromandel Town.

Our research shows the need for a route to bypass the town centre in order to reduce delays and improve resilience and safety, particularly during the peak summer season. The proposed route crosses Council-owned land between SH25 and Woollams Ave instead of the original design which passed through land in private ownership and across prime developable land.

Watch this video to experience a 3D model of the proposed route, or explore the draft concept plans, project report, and other supplementary information in the sidebar to help you give meaningful feedback. 

The proposed route is shown below (click the image to open a larger version):

Proposed route for Coromandel Town bypass road

What kind of things we want to know?

  • If you support the building of the bypass road as currently proposed
  • If you support the building of a bypass road with some changes
  • Your thoughts on the current concept
  • Your suggestions for improvements to the current concept

How long does the consultation run?

The Coromandel Town Bypass Consultation ran from 16 May -13 June 2022.