Representation Review 2021

Our Council is in the early stages of this review and will go out for consultation in August 2021.

By law, all councils have to do a Representation Review every six years, our last review was in 2015 and it's time to do another review. 

The review considers:
  • Council membership
  • Total number of Councillors
  • How many Councillors should be in each ward
  • How Councillors are elected (by wards or district-wide mix)
  • Whether we want to have community boards, and if so, how many members should they have, and which areas should they cover.
The process and timetable:
  • The initial proposal will feature at the 3 August 2021 Council meeting.
  • Formal consultation on Council's initial proposal will start in August and run for one month.
  • Our Council will meet to consider the submissions received and to hear from verbal submitters in hearings in late September.
  • The final proposal will feature at the 26 October 2021 Council meeting.
  • This decision will be followed by a month of public appeal/objection process which will allows the public to object to the Council's final proposal.  The public appeal/objection period is from 28 October to 29 November.
  • All material is forwarded to Local Government Commission in early December.
Council’s next steps:
  • Council is in the early stages of the review and will explore potential scenarios that will be presented at the 3 August 2021 – Council meeting.

You can find more information about Representation Reviews on the Election Services website