Tourism Infrastructure Fund Projects

The Tourism Infrastructure Fund is a Central Government Fund that provides up to $25 million per year for the development of tourism-related infrastructure such as carparks, freedom camping facilities, sewerage and water works and transport projects.The fund supports local communities facing pressure from tourism growth and in need of assistance - areas with high visitor numbers but small ratepayer bases - like our district.

Hahei beach

(Photo: Hahei beach)

The Minister of Tourism Kelvin Davis announced in September 2018 that the Government was allocating $19.6 million for tourism infrastructure projects across the country through the second round of the Tourism Infrastructure Fund.

Our Council has received more than $2 million of that money, for the following three projects:

  • $1,426,841 for an upgrade of visitor infrastructure in Hahei to respond to growing tourist numbers visiting nearby Cathedral Cove.
  • $467,500 for an upgrade of existing toilet and wastewater facilities at Whangapoua Beach, which is the last stop before heading to New Chum Beach.
  • $108,352 for the provision of public toilet facilities at Onemana Beach.

Hahei Tourist Walkway

This project is aimed at promoting the walking village concept for Hahei. A pedestrian walkway is to be provided from the Hahei Visitor Car Park, through to Hahei Beach and Cathedral Cove Walkway via Kotare Reserve and Hahei Beach Road. A map of  the proposed route can be downloaded on the right of this page.

The purpose of this path is to create an attractive alternative walking route for visitors and the community through the village that does not rely as much on streets, but takes walkers through Kotare Reserve. The intent is to help improve safety, encourage people to walk rather than drive and provide an attractive visitor experience.

The majority of the walkway will be hoggin path (hoggin is a mixture of clay, gravel and sand and was used on the Whitianga Buffalo Beach waterfront). Some wet and boggy areas will be traversed with coloured concrete and boardwalk.

Once on Hahei Beach Road, walkers will use the existing footpath, and cross the road at the existing zebra crossing. 

We would like your feedback specifically on how best to treat the walkway for the last 250m to the beach. Given the high numbers of vehicles parking on the berm, there is an opportunity to separate walkers from vehicles by a line of bollards.  Additional features could be added at both ends and around existing street trees with rock gardens. This would still provide parallel parking for vehicles, but also prioritise pedestrian safety.  The intent would be to keep this area grassed. 

A number of properties along Hahei Beach Road have informal, grassed driveways. We would like your help in identifying where bollards would be best placed to ensure continued access.  This may be best achieved by discussing this on site. If you would like to meet please e-mail or ring our project manager Ross Ashby so that we can arrange a date and time that is convenient.  Additionally, he will be at the Hahei Community Hall on Saturday 5 January 2019 from 10am-2pm.

Ross Ashby
027 510 9079

To provide feedback, please fill out the fillable PDF form available on the right of this page and send to by 1 February 2019. (If the "submit" button on the form doesn't open your email application, save the form and email it as an attachment.)

Hahei Central Toilets

This project is to upgrade the existing toilet located by the Hahei Community Hall. This toilet has only two pans, and with Government funding, we are looking to bring forward a scheduled upgrade to the 2019 year.  The upgrade will provide for an additional pan (three pans in total) with a fully disabled accessible toilet. 

As part of the upgrade we are looking to relocate the toilet from its current position, and move it forward, closer to Hahei Beach Road, on the corner at the entrance to the car park, next to the fire brigade building.  The reasons for shifting the toilet location are:

  • Building a bigger toilet to meet tourist demand is difficult and costly in the current location due to existing underground pipes and limited space;
  • Shifting the toilet away from the playground will improve surveillance to the recently upgraded playground and improve safety for users;
  • The proposed toilet location is more visible to visitors, and could be a high quality asset to the town;
  • The new location will allow for new landscaping in this location

We currently have two toilet designs we are seeking your feedback on:

  1. A colonial design with a gable roof, matching the character of some of the existing buildings in the village;
  2. A more contemporary design using chunky, weathered wood and steel.

Download the toilet design on the right side of this page.

To provide feedback, please download the forms on the top right-hand side of this page and save them to your computer. Then fill out the sections, save again and email to by 1 February 2019.

Onemana Toilet

We'll be looking for feedback on the design of a new toilet proposed for the Onemana beach. We'll have details on that in April 2019.

Whangapoua Toilet Upgrade

Why upgrade the reserve?

  • The reserve and the facilities on it are old and in need of improvement to meet the needs of the residents and vitiors to Whangapoua.  
  • The improvements will look at the toilet, the playground, the barbecue and picnic area, improved dune protection planting, the storage shed and the rubbish facilities.
  • All these elements will be tied together in a comprehensive design that creates a revitalised reserve for all to enjoy. The design will be sensitive to the community’s aspirations and Whangapoua’s serene coastal setting. 

 What’s being proposed?

  • The toilet block needs an upgrade and currently sits in a low point in the reserve, creating flooding issues. It is proposed to relocate it and replace the effluent field which does not cope with the usage over the summer period.
  • The playground is tired and needs an upgrade. More suitable play equipment with “nature play” and a natural look and feel is proposed and the location shifted back from the dune edge.
  • The present location of vehicle parking close to the dune crest, limits the recreation space and dune protection planting opportunities. The draft concept proposes  pulling it  back and formalizing it so that there is little loss of total parks.
  • Re-landscaping  of the reserve so that there is better pedestrian connections with paths between the various parts of the area.
  • Planting of the dunes with suitable coastal plants to help mitigate ongoing erosion.
  • New planting with native coastal species throughout the reserve.
  • Upgrading the reserve furniture with robust, attractive and functional selections.
  • Relocation of the IRB shed and shelter area, which are in poor condition and will be replaced and shifted to an agreed area closer to the fire station..
  • Improve the visual environment of the rubbish facilities for residents and visitors.  Keeping in mind that Kerbside rubbish and recycling collection for individual properties in Whangapoua will remain.

A note on rubbish & recycling collections

 Rubbish in Council’s official, pre-paid blue bags, glass in Council crates, and other recyclables in Council wheelie bins is collected weekly, with more frequent collections over the peak summer period. Kerbside collection schedules are available on our website at

If you’re leaving town before your collection day, blue Council rubbish bags and recycling can be left at any of our seven refuse transfer stations free of charge. Their hours and locations are at Four of them have after-hour drop-off facilities.

What’s next?

  • A community meeting at a suitable time to ensure everyone has the opportunity to comment on the draft concept plan is being organised for late March/early April.
  • Formal public consultation process via our Council’s website and social media, date to be announced. If you want to provide informal feedback now email 
  • Review of concept plan after the consultation.
  • Further discussion with community.
  • Plan finalised (integrating public feedback) .

Click on the image to see the full concept plan.