Keeping Pigs

If you live in an urban area or in an area which is predominately urban, you aren't allowed to keep pigs. 

If you are in a rural area and your pigs are less than 50 m from:

  • A dwelling or other occupied building
  • A dairy
  • A public place
  • Any place used for preparing, storing or selling food for human consumption
  • The property boundary
    You may wish to contact council for advice first before getting the pigs and spending money on their stys and runs.

Stock in urban areas

Stock other than pigs (sheep, goats cows etc.) may be kept in a predominantly urban area provided that the places where stock are kept meet our conditions.

So if you are looking at getting a pet sheep for your kids and you live in town, why not contact us first to see what these conditions might be.

Noise and nuisances caused by animals

Basically our Stock in Public Places Bylaw states that your animals can't create noise and nuisances, which in our opinion is causing issues for your neighbours.

For more information see our Nuisances Bylaw.