If you want to look after a few chickens and you live in an urban area, there are a few things you should read up about first.

First of all you'll be pleased to know that you can't own a rooster if you live in a predominately urban area - for obvious reasons. Our Bylaws state that you can't allow animal noises to become a nuisance to your neighbours and a rooster would be right up there.

If you live in an urban area, you are allowed to keep chickens and other poultry, but there are a few conditions.

  • You can own up to 6 birds
  • They must be caged in a purpose built coop, with protection from the rain and a concrete floor (or other approved materials)
  • If you have a run, it too must be enclosed.
  • The coop and/or run, must be 10m away from any dwelling (i.e. your house) and at least 2m away from any boundary (like your fence with your neighbours)
  • You must make sure your coop is well maintained

In general, you can't let your animals become a nuisance to your neighbours, there are several web resources that will provide more information about looking after chickens.