Memorial options

Gardens, fences, structures, shell, rocks, landscaping timber or other materials are not permitted on or around lawn plots. These items hinder maintenance, sometimes fall into a state of disrepair, and can encroach onto other graves.

Some people decide they would like to plant a memorial plant or other structure in remembrance of their loved one. There are options available for this and you should talk to our Customer Services team.

You can place small items on the concrete berms, provided these are not glass or any other breakable items, until such time that family are ready to have a headstone/memorial installed. Please be considerate when placing items on the concrete berms so they are contained just on your loved ones grave.

White wooden temporary markers can be left at the head of the grave. These will be removed and left on the concrete berm if they fall into a state of disrepair. Any inscription, including symbols, deemed to cause offence are not allowed.

Most cemeteries operating in our district cater for lawn plot burials. This means that you must not plant vegetation or place structures, borders or any items on the plot itself.

A memorial permit must be obtained from our Council and any other cemetery fees paid in full before installation of a memorial.

A detailed list of dimensions is being created and will be available shortly. In the meantime, speak with your Monumental Mason. 

Who can apply for a memorial permit?

The original plot purchaser is authorised to apply for a memorial permit. If the original plot purchaser/s is no longer living, all Executor/s of the original plot purchaser/s are expected to apply or alternatively all the Trustee/s of the original plot purchaser/s will be accepted upon supply of a Statutory Declaration to our Council found at

In the instance where this is not possible, we may consider an application to install a memorial providing all close family members agree to the proposed memorial (parent or step parent, child or step child, grandparent, grandchild, brother or sister, including half brother or sister, spouse, civil union partner or de facto partner).

In the rare circumstance there is no family of the deceased but a memorial is wanted please contact us to discuss. Our Council does not assume a mediator role if there are disagreements between family members and will act in good faith when receiving applications. We also reserve the right to decline an application where there is any doubt that family disagreements exist. 

Council approved Monumental Masons

A monumental mason can help you decide on a suitable memorial for your plot and can explain the rules that apply.

Monumental Masons are responsible for physical works in our cemeteries. They are required to become an approved contractor. The application form to apply to be a Council contractor is available at

The following are Monumental Masons that are approved to carry out headstone and memorial installations within our District Cemeteries. Click on the table to open a larger PDF version.

Monumental Masons