Memorial options

Lawn plot

Most cemeteries operating in our district cater mostly for lawn plot burials, which means that you must not plant vegetation or place structures, borders or any items on the plot itself.

Some people decide they would like to plant a memorial plant or other structure in remembrance of their loved one. There are options available for this and you should talk to our Customer Services team.

Choosing the right site

There are different types of plots and it’s important that you understand the differences about what you can and cannot do in each type of plot before you make your decision.

You may like to consider planting a memorial plant in a specially designated area of the cemetery, sponsoring a park seat or, in some cemeteries, purchasing a monumental cemetery plot instead of a lawn plot.

We also have a designated area for memorial plaques for stillborn and neonatal children, at Totara.

Please tell our Customer Services team what you would like and we will try to accommodate your request wherever possible.


Given that that Monumental Masons are undertaking physical works in Council cemeteries, they are first required to become an approved contractor.

The following are Monumental Masons that are approved to carry out headstone and memorial installations within our District Cemeteries. Click on the table to open a larger PDF version.

Monumental Masons