Omahu Cemetery - Natural Burial Garden

Thank you for your interest in the Natural Burial Garden at Omahu Cemetery.

The area is the result of a working relationship between our Council and the Thames Natural Burial Group which started in 2015 after the desire to have an alternative option to conventional burials was expressed.

Many people who have tried to live with respect for the earth would like their remains to enrich the soil. The same people want to restore natural ecosystems and aim to create beautiful surroundings for their families and friends to enjoy when they come to pay their respects.

The area set aside for natural burials is in its infancy and the growth and development for the area will be along-term project.

Natural burials are an increasingly popular option for people and families who hold strong environmental beliefs and philosophies and many cemeteries around New Zealand and the world now have this option available. Natural burials return the body to the earth speedily for the benefit of the environment, and according to the will of the deceased, and the wishes of their families.

The information on the top right-hand side of this page has been prepared to guide you with your choice to use this area.

Exploring options for a natural burial garden in Coromandel-Colville

The Coromandel-Colville Community Board signalled they were interested in having an area like Omahu in their ward. 

We ran a survey from mid-July to mid-August to see if there was an interest at potential natural burial areas in either

  • Buffalo Cemetery -149 Buffalo Rd, Coromandel Town; or
  • Colville Cemetery - 84 Wood Rd, Colville

Staff will now assess the feedback.



Check out this video from TVNZ's Re: News. They paid us a visit in mid-2018 and spoke to some of the key drivers behind the Natural Burial Group in the Coromandel, as well as our Council's Cemetery Coordinator Paula Carr.