Road Closures or Disruption to Traffic

Traffic Management Plans

If you are planning to work within the road reserve or have an event that is on or adjacent to a road you will need a traffic management plan.

A traffic management plan is required when the normal traffic flow will be interrupted or there will be an impact on road users (motorists and pedestrians), for example if you wish to put up street flags, run an event on the road, or carry out work within the road boundary etc.

Further information regarding the event process can be found here.

Traffic management plans are to be lodged through the corridor access request process detailed here . Timeframes  for lodging traffic management plans are detailed in the corridor access request process. The full form is to be used for all traffic management plans. The form and guidelines on how to complete the form are available to download on the right hand side of this page.

All traffic management plans and site set outs must be prepared and signed off by a qualified Site Traffic Management Supervisor.

For further information regarding traffic management plans please email enquiries to

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