Road Closures or Disruption to Traffic

Traffic Management Plan

If your event is on or adjacent to a road and it may affect traffic (vehicles or pedestrians) or if it requires a partial or full closure of a road there are procedures that must be followed.

A Traffic Management Plan is required when the normal traffic flow will be interrupted or there will be an impact on road users such as if you wish to put up street flags, run an event on the road, etc.

Please note the short form is to be used where there are no road closures or detours but there will be some form of traffic control required, i.e. shoulder closures and other basic traffic control.

The full form is to be used where there is a need for a road closure, footpath closure, speed restriction, detours and other events that affects other road uses in their everyday use of the road .

Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS)

Traffic Management Plans (TMP) must be prepared and signed off by a qualified Site Traffic Management Supervisor. There are many contractors within the community who have STMS qualified staff that could prepare these TMP's. Talk to us and we will help you identify someone who can fulfil this requirement.