Schedule of Fees and Charges : Consents : Resource Consents

Timing of Payments

All the charges and amounts listed in this schedule (unless otherwise specified) are payable in advance of any action being undertaken by the Council. Pursuant to section 36(7) of the Resource Management Act 1991, the Council need not perform the action to which the charge relates until the charge has been paid in full.

Fixed Initial Deposit Charges

Fixed Initial Deposit Charges are levied at the start of the application process and are payable at the time an application is submitted to the Council for processing. Notwithstanding that a fixed initial deposit charge may be paid the Council will commence processing the application only when it is satisfied that the information received with the application is adequate. Fixed Initial Deposit Charges are not subject to the rights of objection and appeal.

Since resource consent applications can vary significantly in their content and nature, the Council cannot set one Fixed Initial Deposit Charge that would be fair and reasonable in every case. The fixed charges shown in the schedule are the minimum Fixed Initial Deposit Charge for that particular application category. A fixed charge higher than the minimum could be required and this would be dependent on the nature and scale of each specific application (see miscellaneous section).

During the course of processing an application, the Council may charge additional charges in relation to costs incurred above the fixed charge already received. Pursuant to section 36(7) of the Resource Management Act 1991, the Council reserves the right to cease or suspend processing of any consent where any amount invoiced remains unpaid.

The Fixed Initial Deposit Charges this year have been increased to more closely reflect the actual costs of processing the applications, which will then allow for a quicker issuing of the completed consents. For the larger and more complex applications additional 'Fixed Initial Deposits' may be required or more frequent invoicing may occur.

For public notified and limited notified resource consents there is an additional 'Fixed Initial Deposit Charge', which needs to be paid before the notified process is begun, to cover the costs of notification.  For applications that require a hearing it is likely there will be further costs and applicants may be required to pay these prior to the commencement of the hearing.
Any unused portion of your deposit will be refunded.

Additional Charges

Additional charges will be required under section 36(3) of the Resource Management Act 1991 where the fixed charge is inadequate to enable the Council to recover its actual and reasonable costs relating to any particular application.

An additional charge to recover actual and reasonable costs will be made where the costs exceed the fixed charge paid.

Additional charges may be invoiced on a monthly basis as they are incurred.

Set Fees

Set fees are payable at the time of application and no additional charges will be made.

Resource ConsentsUnits2020/2021
Pre application meetings on larger resource consent applications (as determined by the Development Planning Manager, Principal Planner or Senior Planner) Actual Actual cost of attendance experts
Pre-lodgements meetings Set fee $95.00
Applications for Land Use Consent
NB: In addition to the listed charge, all land use consent applications (except those for outline plans) incur a monitoring charge as detailed below
Non-notified Applications
The following fixed charges apply for non-notified applications for land use consent:
A. Controlled activities Fixed Initial Deposit Charge $1,200.00
B. Restricted discretionary activities Fixed Initial Deposit Charge $1,300.00
C. Discretionary activities Fixed Initial Deposit Charge $1,700.00
D. Non-complying activities Fixed Initial Deposit Charge $2,100.00
E.  Boundary activities, providing written approvals have been provided by the affected parties Fixed Initial Deposit Charge $750.00
Notified Applications    
The Fixed Initial Deposit Charge for any limited notified application for land use consent will be the amount required for a non-notified application of the same type plus $6,000.00 Fixed Initial Deposit Charge As above plus $6000.00
The Fixed Initial Deposit Charge for public notified land use applications will be the amount required for a non-notified application of the same type plus $15,000. (For larger or more complex applications, the fixed charge for notified applications may be increased to $20,000 at the discretion of the Development Planning Manager. This is to cover increased notification costs associated with the application including publicity, organising the hearing and expert referrals etc.) Fixed Initial Deposit Charge As above plus $15,000.00
Actions Related to All Types of Land Use Consent
Signing fees are included
A. Preparation and signing of any bond, covenant, legal document  or variation thereto required as a condition of consent (Resource Management Act 1991 sections 108 and 109) Fixed Initial Deposit Charge $315.00
NB: The Council will meet the actual internal legal costs associated  with covenant document preparation where covenants are entered into on a voluntary basis
B. Application to extend time in respect of any bond, covenant or consent notice (Resource Management Act 1991 sections 108 and 109) Fixed Initial Deposit Charge $315.00
C. Bond discharges plus actual time for inspections Fixed Initial Deposit Charge $338.00