Join the Library

Let your imagination flow. Join the library.

How do I join the library?

Anyone who lives in New Zealand is welcome to join our District Libraries, whether you live on the Coromandel or are just visiting us. You don't need to be a TCDC ratepayer or even a TCDC resident; everyone is welcome!

Fill in our online registration form to get your temporary library membership number. This will allow you to borrow our e-books and online resources as much as you like for two weeks.

If you're signing up someone who's under 18 years old, please use the 'junior' membership option on the form. You'll need to add your details as their parent or caregiver (the form refers to you as the 'guarantor'). Our staff will change their membership over to Children's Membership (ie. aged under 13 and unable to borrow adult material) or Young Adult Membership (ie. aged under 18 and unable to borrow R rated material) once we get to the next step.

Supplying the contact details for an 'alternative contact' is optional, but if you decide to include one don't forget that an alternative contact needs to be someone who lives at a different address to you - maybe a friend, a neighbour, or a family member. They don't have to be a local either, just someone we could contact if we were having trouble getting in touch with you. 

Before your temporary membership expires, visit your nearest district library branch to pick up your new library card and check your details are correct. If you're signing up a child, bring them along! We have three super cool library card designs to choose from.

Once we've checked your details and attached your new card to your account, you'll be all set up and ready to go!

Sound good? Click here to fill in our library card registration form.


Stuck at home?

We've recently launched Digital Only library membership for the benefit of anyone stuck at home who doesn't already have library cards with us. Digital Only Membership gives you access to our e-book and e-audio collections through Wheelers ePlatform. 

The process to sign up for Digital Only Membership is much the same as signing up for a regular libray card - just tick 'Digital Only' on the first page of the form. You'll get an automated email from us about your new membership once the form is complete. It's free, and it's valid for twelve months. Once you're back out and about, you're welcome to pop in and upgrade to our regular membership.

Graphic of a library card on an orange bag