Loan Periods and Charges

Most library items and services are FREE.

We think that's cool too.

But there are a few small charges:

Rental Items

  • Just released fiction $2.50 (3 week rental) 
  • Magazines $1.00 (1 week rental)
  • DVDs  $2.50 (1 week rental)
  • Audio books $2.50 (3 week rental)

Overdue Fees

  • Rental fiction 50c per day
  • Adult and Teen Books and Audio Books 50c per day 
  • Magazines 50c per day 
  • DVDs 50c per day
  • Children's books free on children's library cards; 10c per day on all other cards

Other Charges

  • Reservations $1.00 per item (children's books are free)
  • Interloans start from $6.00 per item
  • Photocopying in Black and White 20c for A4, $1.00 for A3 
  • Photocopying in Colour $1.00 for A4, $2.00 for A3
  • Scanning 20c per page
  • Computer access Free for half an hour per day 
  • Wifi Free and available in and around our libraries 7am - 7pm
  • Printing in A4 black and white: 20c per sheet
  • Fax - within NZ $2.00 first page, then $1.00 per page 
  • Fax - International $4.00 first page, then $2.00 per page

Lost Items

You swear you put it on the breakfast bar. He swears he last saw it on your bedside table. Either way, we never got it, and even after checking that you didn't accidently drop it off at the video store instead, it's gone to the same place left hand socks and pens go. Now what?

Lost items are charged to you at replacement cost plus a $10.00 adminitration free. But if you find them within two months (along with that last sock) we'll be delighted to refund your replacement fee (less the $10.00 administration fee) upon presentation of your payment receipt. You can keep the sock.

Unpaid Accounts

Let's keep this bit short, since we're sure it won't apply to you. 

So here goes: unpaid accounts over one (1) month old are sent to debt collection. Further charges will then apply.

Frankly, this is almost always avoided when a person's life is organised and they remember to bring stuff back.