Types of licences and application forms

On this page you can download an application form for an alcohol licence and find out about the various types of licences.

Off license bottles

On this page you can download an application form for an alcohol licence and find out about the various types of licences.

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Alcohol Charges (set by Central Government)


The licensing system has five fee categories, which reflect the range of cost/risk ratings.

Total ratingFee category
0-02 Very low
03-05 Low
06-15 Medium
16-25 High
26 plus Very high

Determining a premise's cost/risk rating

Premises' cost/risk rating is determined by a combination of factors.

The table below shows how premises' cost/risk rating are determined. For example, a bottle store (scores 15) closing at 11:00 pm (scores 3) with two enforcements in the last 18 months (scores 20) would have an overall cost/risk rating of 38.

Licence typeType of premisesWeighting
On-licence Class 1 restaurant, night club, tavern, adult premises 15
Class 2 restaurant, hotel, function centre 10
Class 3 restaurant, other 5
BYO restaurant, theatres, cinemas, winery cellar doors 2
Off-licence Supermarket, grocery store, bottle store 15
Hotel, tavern 10
Class 1, 2 or 3 club, remote sale premises, other 5
Winery cellar doors 2
Club licence Class 1 club 10
Class 2 club 5
Class 3 club 2
Licence type Latest trading hour allowed by licence Weighting
On-licence or club licence   2:00am or earlier 0
Between 2:01am and 3:00am 3
Any time after 3:00am 5
Off-licence (excl. remote sales premises) 10:00pm or earlier 0
Any time after 10:00pm 
Remote sales premises Not applicable 0
Licence type Number of enforcement holdings in last 18 months Weighting
All licence types None 0
1 10
2 or more 20

Fees - Application Fees

Cost/risk fee categoryApplication fee
Payable by Applicant 
Very low $368.00
Low $609.50
Medium $816.50
High $1,023.50
Very high $1,207.50

Fees - Annual Fees

Cost/risk fee categoryAnnual fee
Payable by Licensee
Very low $161.00
Low $391.00
Medium $632.50
High $1,035.00
Very high $1,437.50

Other Fees

Temporary Authority Per application $296.70
Temporary Licence   $296.70
Special Licence Maximum 2 events $63.25
Special Licence  Three - 12 events or one to three events that are of a medium size (100-400 attendees) $207.00
Special Licence  For all other special licences that are large events $575.00
Permanent Club Charter Annual fee due on 30 June of each year and paid to ARLA. $632.50
Managers Certificate Per application $316.25
Advertising Per application. Actual cost of advertising
Appeal to ARLA Paid directly to ARLA. $517.50
Extract of register (ARLA or DLC)   $57.50
Reissue of a current licence or managers certificate Non-statutory administration charge for reissuing or replacing a lost or damaged licence or certificate. $80.00