Commercial Operators Licence

Applications for a 1 July 2022 open on Tuesday 1 February and close on 29 March.

Photo: Georgia's Goods operating from Hunt Rd Reserve, Whangamata.

Thames-Coromandel District Council
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Standard terms and conditions of operating on Council reserves is available here and in the sidebar.

For any queries, please call Customer Services on 07 868 0200.


Businesses with concessions usually operate from mobile premises such as a coffee cart or a trailer-based bike or surfboard-hire shop.


The area occupied by the business is restricted to the immediate area of the activity and shall not unduly encroach onto the general public's use of the beach or reserve or obstruct beach and reserve users. 

Please note that licences for commercial operations take time to process, so to make sure you don’t miss out on getting your application looked at contact us early, as there are limited spaces.

We have an application form which you can fill out online on the top right-hand side of this page.

“The more details you can give us around what you want to do, for how long and on what site, help us with processing,” says Derek Thompson our council’s Community Facilities Manager. “Consider what other similar activities may be going on around where you want to set up, and if there is already business within proximity of your preferred location”.

Once an application has been received and approved for submission it is presented to the local community board for endorsement, before getting official sign-off by our Council.