Getting started in the food business

Photo of Coromandel Mussels

Starting out in the food business can be a daunting proposition so it is important you are aware of the standards that are required and the correct application procedure for registering your food business with us.

It is the law that all food businesses must apply for a certificate of registration. No certificate of registration shall be issued until either a Certificate of Compliance or a Certificate of Public Use are issued and all resource consent conditions have been met and signed off.

In establishing a new premise there are few financial shortcuts. 

Commitment to ensuring a high standard at the development stage through selection of suitable materials and equipment combined with thoughtful design will result in greater operational efficiency and cost effectiveness.

You are urged, during the process of establishing your business or with any problems relating to the food business to consult our District Environmental Health Officer who can provide expert advice and additional information to clarify any area of uncertainty.

Need help? Key contacts before you get started:

  • Customer Services for advice on setting up and developing the business.
  • Resource Planners for advice on the District Plan requirements and applications for resource consent.
  • Environmental Health Officers for advice about food safety and registration.
  • Building Consents Officers for information on application for building consents, and fire safety requirements.
  • District Licensing Committee: Please make contact if your business involves the sale, supply or consumption (BYO) of liquor. Visit our liquor licensing pages here.

In the first instance, please contact our Customer Services team with your enquiry.

Other agencies that can help:

New Zealand Food Safety Authority - The New Zealand Food Safety Authority’s mandate is to protect consumers by providing an effective food regulatory programme covering food produced and consumed in New Zealand as well as imports and exports of food products.

Waikato District Health Board - The Health Protection Unit at the Health Board aims to protect and promote the health of consumers by ensuring that food that is prepared and sold meets minimum health standards and is free from disease causing organisms.

Legal requirements

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