Health licences

If you operate one of the following businesses, you’ll need to obtain a registration certificate before you start trading.

  • Camping ground
  • Funeral parlour
  • Hairdressing salon

Opening a new business  

The above businesses need to comply with the requirements of the Health Act and its regulations.

Each of these types of business have their own specific Regulations and requirements that can be found here; 

Key contacts before you get started:

Our advice is ensure you check out the feasibility and legalities of your proposal with the relevant Council departments:

  • In the first instance, please contact our Customer Services team with your enquiry.
  • Resource consent planning - for District Plan and RMA information about setting up a business at your chosen site
  • Building consent - for information about new buildings or making renovations to an existing building, fire safety requirements etc.
  • Environmental Health Officers for advice about Health Act legislative requirements and registration. 

When purchasing a new building or business it is recommended you obtain a Land Information Memorandum (LIM). This is a report on what the Council know about the land and buildings at your chosen site.

Please note before a registration certificate can be issued, you'll need to ensure you have obtained all necessary consents and approvals e.g. Resource Consent (under the RMA), or Certificate of Compliance or a Code Compliance Certificate or Certificate of Public Use (under the Building Act) etc.

A pre-opening inspection by an Environmental Health Officer will be needed as part of the registration/approval process. The purpose of this inspection will be to check for compliance with the relevant legislation and to discuss any queries you may have.

Note, additional fees may apply for inspection/approval services prior to registration that are in addition to registration fees.

The registration certificate is valid from 1 July to 30 June each year.

Taking over an existing business 

When purchasing an existing business, you’ll need to apply for your own registration certificate within 14 days of the takeover date.

Please note any proposed changes to the business may require additional approvals e.g. building consent. If you’re unsure whether you need additional approvals, discuss your planned changes with an Environmental Health Officer before you make changes.