Outdoor dining and outdoor displays

Outdoor dining in Thames

Historically, we have only required eating establishments which offer outdoor dining to obtain a licence for the use of the footpath. Now, under the Activities in Public Places Bylaw 2017 (Te Ture a-Rohe ki nga Wahi Marea) if you wish to offer outdoor dining or display goods in a public place (such as a footpath) a licence is required.

If you already hold a licence for outdoor dining this was valid until 1 September 2017 and you are required to apply for a new licence under the Activities in Public Places Bylaw 2017. If you do not hold a licence and wish to display goods or offer outdoor dining you will need to apply for a licence which will be valid for one year.

The bylaw is aimed at ensuring all public spaces are safe and accessible to everyone. We aim to minimize nuisance and regulate the occupation of footpaths.

The application form including terms and conditions is available to download from the right side of this page. There is also a pamphlet containing answers to frequently asked questions availalbe to download from the right side of this page.

There is a non-refundable application fee of $100 plus a $40 per square meter lease fee. If you apply for a licence in 2017 the lease fee will be waived for the first year.

Our compliance team will be coming around to talk to businesses answering any questions about the change. They will also have application forms to help with getting the process started.

Should you wish to find out more you can send all your queries to customer.services@tcdc.govt.nz with the subject outdoor dining and outdoor display.