Noise control

Need help with noise control?

We take noise complaints very seriously on the Coromandel, so in this section find out about noise, what it is and what we can do about excessive noise complaints..


Be a good neighbour

  • be considerate and empathetic of your neighbours (do unto others....!)
  • ensure burglar alarms should cut off after 15mins, make sure yours has been adjusted
  • ensure car alarms are installed correctly and are not overly sensitive or faulty
  • how about letting your neighbours know if you are planning a party or some construction work (you could invite them to the party or to help you with your DIY!)
  • keeping doors or windows closed will minimise the noise that travels
  • turn down the noise at a reasonable hour at night, say before 10pm
  • protect people's sleep, don't start up that lawn mower late in the evening or really early in the morning