Rates Payment Options

We understand that paying your rates can be a little stressful at times, so here are some ways to make it easier for you.

Online rates database

The Online Rates Database shows what rates were assessed at the beginning of the year for your property. You might even be eligible for a rates rebate. For more information on rates rebates, please see our Rates Rebates page.

Rates bill date change

We have changed our rates instalment dates to 15 October, 15 February and 15 May and we send out the rates notices in September, January and April. This is to avoid a rates bill just before Christmas. 

Receive rates notifications by email

Did you know? You can receive your rates notices by email. Send your written request to customer.services@tcdc.govt.nz. The request must include your assessment number, property address and the email address you would like registered for email notifications. 

Payment Methods

Direct debits

Set up a direct debit with us and choose to pay your property and water rates fortnightly, monthly or by instalments.

This is the easiest way to manage your household cash-flow. Simply, download the debit form, fill it in and post to the TCDC Rates Team, Private Bag, Thames 3540 or email it to customer.services@tcdc.govt.nz for processing.
Please ensure you send back the “CONDITIONS OF THIS AUTHORITY” (on the reverse) with the signed form.

Internet banking

Our bank account and details are listed with all major New Zealand banks so you just need to go to your usual online banking account and search for us under "Thames" when you are setting up a bill payment online.

For our bank details and more information to place in the reference and particulars fields, see the Internet Banking page.

Credit card

You can pay your property rates and water rates online. Have your invoice handy and visit our Online Payments section.

* All credit card payments will incur a convenience fee paid by the user to the service provider.

Common mistakes with internet banking

Only pay one invoice at a time

If you pay a total amount such as the rates for multiple properties all in the one payment and the reference is for just one rate account, it will appear that you have merely paid more than one instalment on only one of your accounts.

That means, it will look like you haven't paid the others and they will be treated just as if you never paid them at all.

You might think this is just common sense, but you'd be surprised at the number of times this happens!

Please make sure each of your rates accounts is paid separately 

Please fill in all of the details

Money turns up in our bank account with no reference whatsoever and the payment doesn't appear against the the payee's rates account 

This is because we don't know what they paid. We have no idea what they've done or to which account the unexplained deposit is linked to. So please make sure all details are filled in.

Changing properties

Remember: If you sell one property and purchase another, please change your Rate Account Number when setting up a bill payment or doing a one-off payment online.

If selling or changing properties please remember to:

  • Change your Rate account number when setting up a bill payment or doing a one-off payment online.
  • Cancel any direct debits on your old property before settlement by emailing customer.services@tcdc.govt.nz

We can help

If this all makes you a bit nervous, give us a call on 07 868 0200 or email us and ask us to walk you through the options (just make sure you have your invoice details handy).