Rates Postponement Scheme

If you are 65 and over and own, and live in, your own home, you can choose not to pay rates annually and postpone payment until you cease to occupy the house.

It's a choice which will appeal to those on limited incomes, because it means you can enhance your quality of life with the money that you would otherwise be using to pay your rates.

There are two types of rates, local (our rates) and regional (Waikato Regional Council)

We can arrange for postponement of your regional and local rates.

If you are interested in the scheme, there are a number of stages to progress:

Stage 1: Confirming Your Eligibility

Once you have read the information, you will be required to fill out an eligibility form.

We will then check that there is little risk of any shortfall when postponed rates and accrued charges are ultimately paid.

We will then send you a conditional Letter of Offer and contact details for Relationship Services, who are an independent organisation which will help you with your decision-making.

Stage 2: Making the Decision

You will be required to attend at least one interview with a Relationship Services adviser, whose role is to help you arrive at a decision. The decision is entirely yours and if you decide not to apply, you do not have to do anything further.

Stage 3: Applying for the scheme

If you do decide to apply, you will need to sign the conditional Letter of Offer and return it to us with all required documentation.

When your home is sold, we will require outstanding rates, plus accumulated interest and a small administrative fee to be paid.

Under the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002, councils cannot make a 'profit' from the scheme. All charges are set to cover the costs of administering the scheme but no more.

We reserve the right not to postpone any further rates once the total of postponed rates and accrued charges exceeds 80% of the rateable value of the property.

Find out more by visting the rates postponement website.