Making a Submission

If a resource consent is notified you may be able to make a submission, your submission can be to either support, express a point of view or oppose the proposal.

If an application is publically notified any person or organisation may make a submission.  Submissions can only be accepted within 20 working days after notification.  If an application has been limited notified, that means that specific organisations or persons have been identified as  affected and have been served with the application, these individuals have 20 working days to make a submission.  If you feel you are affected by a proposal and have not been identified it is highly recommended that you write to council as soon as possible advising council of why you feel you are affected. 

Should I make a submission?

If you are considering making a submission ensure, you should:

  • Thoroughly read the application and understand what the proposal is for and what the effects are likely to be. 
  • Talk to council or seek professional guidance on how to address specific concerns however it is important to note that council cannot provide advice on whether to make a submission or not. 
  • Discuss any concerns or seek clarity on the proposal from the applicant, you may be able to resolve any issues or concerns without the need to go through a formal submission process. 

Preparing a submission

If you are planning on making a submission you will need to make sure that it is clear and concise, the information should be relevant to your views and relates specifically to the issues that may arise form the proposed activity. 

Your application must clearly state:

  • Whether you oppose or support the proposal, or whether you are making a neutral submission (comment only).
  • Which sections of the applications concern you;
  • Why you are making the submission;
  • Whether the application should be granted or not;
  • Whether there are any conditions you feel should be imposed on the proposal if the consent is granted;
  • Whether you would like to speak in support of your submission if a hearing is held.

How do I lodge a submission?

You can make a written submission by using the attached form. You can either post the application to council  or deliver it in person any of our council offices, please note that if you are posting your submission that there is a 20 working day submission period, you will need to ensure that your submission gets to council before the cut off day.  You will need to also send a copy of your submission to the applicant, the applicant address should be included  on the public notice.   

It may be beneficial to communicate with the applicant and is always recommended by council to discuss any concerns or issues with them; or if you simply wish to seek more clarity on a specific aspect of their proposal.  Communication may also allay any concerns you have as an affected person.  If you still feel that you have not resolved any issues or concerns it may be possible to arrange an informal pre-hearing meeting to attempt resolution.  If no resolution is achieved a hearing may still be held and a formal decision made on the application.