Notifying a Resource Consent

Most applications do not need to be notified; however, Council will notify applications that have broader effects on the environment.

If an application has minor effects on the environment and affected persons have given their written approval it will generally not need to be notified. The application won't be advertised and submissions are not called for. 

On the occasion that a proposal is assessed as having wider effects on the environment Council will consider whether the activity needs to be :

  • (Limited Notified) Notify persons that may be directly affected
  • (Publically Notified) Notify the public generally 

Limited Notification

If the effects of your proposal are minor and you have not obtained written approval from all parties that Council have identified as affected, those people will be notified of your application.  They will have 20 working days to make a submission either supporting or opposing your application. Only the affected persons who have been identified by Council will have the opportunity to make a submission.

Public Notification

If your proposal has been assessed by Council as having effects that are more than minor Council may choose to publically notify your application. 

A public notice is advertised in the newspaper in the public notices section, it may also be advertised in more than one newspaper and will be posted on council's website.  The public will have the opportunity to view the application online. Anyone can make a submission to either support or oppose your application. 

What Happens Next?

If we receive submissions on the proposal and people indicate they want to be heard, we will hold a hearing.