Kerbside Refuse and Recycling Collections

Our 2018 Kerbside rubbish and recycling non-summer collection schedule runs until 24 December. The summer schedule begins on 26 December.

Check the schedule for your area by scrolling down this page or download the "2018 Kerbside Calendar" from the right side of this page.

Please have your rubbish in official blue Council bags and recycling out on the kerbside by 7:30am for collection.

Please note: our solid waste contractor, Smart Environmental, will only collect glass left in Council crates. A crate from any Council will do, it doesn't have to be from TCDC. This is because the runners clip the crates to the side of the truck so they can use both hands to sort the glass. Non-Council crates don't fit the clips.

If you need an extra crate or two for glass recycling, you can purchase them from our Service Centres for only $15.00.

Make sure your crate is not overflowing, or it will not be collected. This is to avoid bottles and jars slipping out and breaking on the pavement.

Kerbside glass crates graphic

2018 Kerbside rubbish and recycling collection schedule by area:

Kerbside 2018 Whangamata

Kerbside 2018 Onemana and Opoutere

Kerbside 2018 Pauanui

Kerbside 2018 Tairua

Kerbside 2018 MB South


Kerbside 2018 Mercury Bay North

Kerbside 2018 Coromandel Rural North

Kerbside 2018 Coromandel Town and Te Kouma

Kerbside 2018 Thames Coast and Manaia

Kerbside 2018 Thames and Surrounds

Kerbside 2018 Thames South Rural

Blue Rubbish Bags

Blue bags are collected at least once every week over the summer, depending on your area - so put out your blue bag on the day of the week indicated on the schedule for your area, above.

To keep gulls and dogs from getting into your blue bag you can buy a TCDC gullinator from our Service Centres for $15. The gullinator is made from sturdy plastic mesh with a hoop and drawstring top. The gullinator fits over the rubbish bags to stop seagulls pecking at the bags on collection day.

Alternatively, you can place your blue bag for Kerbside collection inside a standard rubbish bin with a lid. The rubbish can not be loose and the lid must be fixed to prevent pests from getting at the bag.

Please do not hang your Council rubbish from trees or lamp posts.

What gets recycled?

Kerbside Info

Your wheelie-bin and green crate will be collected every fortnight (every 2 weeks) except for summer, when most places have extra collections.

  • Use your green crate for collecting glass, which is glass bottles and jars only - no glass dishes, lightbulbs, window glass, decorative glass objects etc. Only glass left in Council crates will be collected, but you can use a crate from any Council, not just TCDC.
  • Use your black wheelie-bin for collecting paper, hard plastics (numbers 1-7), tins and cardboard.
  • Your wheelie bin's lid shows which items go in your bin.

If you need an extra crate or two, you can purchase them from our Service Centres for only $15.00.

If you need to tow your wheelie bin to the kerbside by car, you can purchase special wheelie bin tow bar attachments from our Service Centres.

The wheelie-bin is allocated to the property and must stay with the property for the new owners or tenants to use. Damaged or stolen wheelie-bins will be replaced at a cost to the customer. TCDC pays for the delivery, making the system a risk share scheme helping to keep the rating costs down.

What do I put in my wheelie-bin?

  • Hard plastics (numbers 1-7). Soft plastics such as grocery shopping bags aren't recycled here. Some shops in Auckland and Hamilton and elsewhere have Love NZ Soft Plastics Recycling bins where you can leave plastic bags for recycling. Check for locations.
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Tin cans

Place your wheelie bin at least half-a-metre away from other objects

This gives the truck’s mechanical arm the room it needs to pick up the bin.

  • If you have trouble measuring, use the bin-width as a handy spacer.
  • Make sure lids are closed and the front of the bin faces the road (wheels are at the back)

Wheelie bin graphic

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